Quote of the day

The quote of the day is not from John Shore (although I wish it were!), but from a newbie named Random Ntrygg.

In response to my “Teaching the Controversy” post, Random writes (emphasis mine):

interesting how the godbots go after biology, because they can get an ick factor – humans as monkeys – but they do not go after anthropology, which very clearly demonstrates that religions are a product of culture and a method of establishing social groups across cultures if they are successful enough – but over time, religions rise and fade out and the religions of today are the myths of tomorrow


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. What a neat comment.
    This “Random Ntrygg” has been posting at more than one site I frequent lately. I visited her site and found it interesting, and she is Canadian to boot! I think if I am not mistaken that this is the third site on my daily rounds where I have found her lately, I wonder where she came from?
    My guess is she stumbled upon Oscar, but I might be wrong….
    Anyhow, she is always good for a well thought out comment so I’ll welcome her aboard.
    Welcome Nina!

  2. Yeah, that last sentence really struck me.

    I’ve been reading about the Cambrian explosion, and how Christians like to use that as “evidence” of creation, when it’s really just a misunderstanding of the term. It’s an explosion over eons of time.

    This may not be a clear thought, but in terms of time it takes a religion to become myth … Christianity, Islam, Judaism isn’t exploding off the scene … but one day humanity will look back and wonder why it was so quick to leave the scene.

    In the future, I hope it looks like an explosion. But right now, that explosion is TAKING FOREVER!!!

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