Teach the Controversy

Last night, I was wearing one of my “Teach the Controversy” shirts, and a friend of mine asked me, “What’s that mean?”

“There are people in the world who don’t accept evolution as truth, and they claim there are controversies surrounding evolution that render it untrue,” I replied.

At first I thought the guy was agreeing with me, but then he told me that there’s no way that all of the universe came about without some extraterrestrial or greater power being. He told me that there is a controversy, and that evolution can’t explain life.

“Look at the fossil record,” he said. “There are no intermediate steps in the fossil record. There aren’t enough ‘missing links’.” He raised his fingers like rabbit ears and did the quote mark gesture.

“I can assure you,” I said, “there are more than enough transitional fossils.”

Let’s just named a few. TiktaalikNautiloidea.
Hippocampus sarmaticusPalaeopercaPasaichthys.
ArdipithecusHomo erectus.

Read this list for yourself

Teach the controversy of transitional fossils.

Teach the controversy of the impossibility of life starting on its own.

Teach the controversy of macro and micro evolution.


Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean you can impose/imply/coerce “god” into the equation.

2 thoughts on “Teach the Controversy

  1. interesting how the godbots go after biology, because they can get an ick factor – humans as monkeys – but they do not go after anthropology, which very clearly demonstrates that religions are a product of culture and a method of establishing social groups across cultures if they are successful enough – but over time, religions rise and fade out and the religions of today are the myths of tomorrow

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