Please accept Talulah into your heart

Proselytizing love for pit bulls isn’t my top priority. I do my best to spread the gospel of Pitbullism to all who will hear.

And I don’t just preach, when we’re on leash, Talulah and I walk the walk.


We adopted Talulah almost a year ago. She’s edging toward two years old, and she’s doing great. Her discipline level is high. When another dog approaches, she doesn’t run off to meet them. She’ll wait for other dogs to come to her. She’ll sniff, invite them to play and keep going.

Many of you know that Talulah is a Boxer/Pit bull mix. While everyone who knows anything about the pit bull breed understands that a healthy, disciplined pit is a loving, affectionate, gentle family pet, there are skeptics who fall for the pit bull stereotype that every pit will eat your face.

Talulah incredibly trainable, and she makes me proud to be her owner. Complete strangers compliment her often. They say she’s the perfect size, a great looking girl, and they often say she seems older because of her behavior and seems younger because she’s not that big.

Maybe she won’t eat your face. But the idea is that she’ll attack your child. Atheists and pit bulls carry the same ignorant stereotype … it’s that we both like to eat babies.

That stereotype is only true of Puerto Rican Atheists.

Bah dum pah.

We recently crossed a major milestone with very dear loved ones. Through their own research discovered what we knew to be true, and what we were unsuccessful at explaining. It’s that pit bulls are great with families and children.

Score one for Pitbullism!

Of course we would always strive to be responsible dog owners, because no dog is exempt from being a dog. No matter what the breed, any dog can snap. We wouldn’t use Talulah as a babysitter, just as we wouldn’t use a Chihuahua as one either.

We here at Le Café are always on the lookout to educate others. And while our annoyed, indignant behavior is often seen as assholery, we do it for your benefit.

Seriously, having Talulah in your heart is just like heaven. Won’t you ask her into yours today?

I have a few more thoughts below the fold.

When talking with loved ones about a passion, it’s almost inevitable that they will not believe you.

Why are people the most skeptical with those who are closest to us?

This works both ways. You are passionate about something, and I act dubious toward you. I act passionate, and you doubt me.

Somehow through a later conversation with someone different, you might assimilate new information. The next time you see your loved one, they say, “But I told you about that a hundred times, and you wouldn’t believe me.”

An argument against atheism is that we refuse to budge on the supernatural. Ghosts, goblins, gods, appeals to emotion through higher beings … pointless right? Right?

I understand it’s frustrating.

Lately I’ve had more conversations with people about their beliefs in supernatural things. One friend claims to have experienced ghosts. “One time, a chandelier dropped on top of me while I slept at a house where someone committed suicide.” He said it was too freakish to ignore.

I try hard to hear him out. But the skepticism on my face must scream back at them, because they see that I say, “Yeah, right!” with my eyes.

The mind allows all kinds of nonsense inside it. There are no ghosts. No goblins. There is no supernatural. If you believe this, prove it. Until then, you have nothing.

A freakish happening doesn’t equal ghosts. A beautiful universe with one “perfectly-placed” planet doesn’t not imply god, and it certainly doesn’t imply that one god, who you claim is your savior, performed this magic.

Last night I listened to about 45 minutes of PZ Myers “debate” with Jerry Bergman. Watch it here.  It’s a huge reminder why science shouldn’t give creationism a stage. Bergman makes creationism look inane as using a diaper full of shit as a Rorschach Test.

It also reminded me why we shouldn’t give credence to atheists who spout nonsense. I feel a tinge of guilt for giving the “Born this way” debate a stage here at this blog. This blog needs an week-long shower after that debacle.

In an unrelated post but a related message, PZ Myers wrote a callout (or isolated) paragraph (directed toward petulant atheists):

You don’t get to whine about being called out. It’s what we do. Join a cult if you’d rather have rules of silence and obedience.

We are a splintered group. We don’t have a dogma. We don’t have absolutes. Our message is constantly changing. The believer says, “Strip them of evolution, and they have nothing to stand on.” To my best knowledge, we’ve got the only so-called “dogmatic” message that is constantly being updated and improved.

I argue that Christianity is intermittently changing, too, but since they claim it’s not changing at all … that’s another blog.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for all your support.

Happy Fourth.


2 thoughts on “Please accept Talulah into your heart

  1. Praise Anubis! I have seen the light and accepted Talulah into my heart 😉

    I love that photo of her.

    Hopefully, sooner than later, I can come harass you, Tina, Lou, and Zoe in person.

  2. For some reason I couldn’t shake the idea of holy communion of pitbulism involving the ‘slobber of christ’ and leftover gravy being transubstantiated into his blood. heh

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