Madman or Something Worse

I recommend putting this short film “Madman or Something Worse” on your to-watch list. It’s an easy 17 minutes, and worth a watch. It’s nothing new, which kind of sucks. It’s a little sad that the logic is fairly solid, but it’ll fall on deaf ears with believers. And non-believers will say things like, “Christianity is like shooting fish in a barrel … with a bazooka.”

Madman or Something Worse is a short film that critically examines the ethics of Jesus of Nazareth. Produced by Peter Brietbart, with animations by Many Artists Who Do One Thing.

I have a lot of book recommendations where you can find more of what this guy talks about.

For the record, I feel it’s necessary to say that the sound editing isn’t great. I hoped for better. But the work is good.

Via Atheist Media

The taste of progress: female poised to be Thai Prime Minister


CNN is reporting that “Yingluck Shinawatra was poised to become Thailand’s first female prime minister after her party won a majority of parliamentary seats in the nation’s general elections.”

The sweet smell of progress is oh very pleasing this Fourth of July weekend.


I changed the title of this post to just read “The taste of progress,” from the “The sweet taste of progress.” I found the original title to be ill-conceived, and possibly interpreted as sexist. I wanted a play on our own weekend of Independence day activities and how we traditionally grill out with loved ones.

The point of this post is to point out that the world is progressing (e.g. gay marriage, women world leaders, etc.)… with or without you. And it’s about damn time!