8 thoughts on “Are Faith Healers Charlatans?

  1. I haven’t watched the video yet either, and I’m going to guess that the answer is that it is a rhetorical question, then they recite some scripture, but never absolutely take a side-just passively aggressively imply that the answer is “yes”.

    Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, the line gives Luis the odds, I’m guessing a 12:1 favorite.

  2. Having now watched the video I stand by my answer.

    I can’t believe I saw a clip in there of some psychic surgeon! I mean really? Still? After Randi has totally debunked this nonsense, people still fall for this crap? *sigh*

    As usual, god heals all yet leaves no proof behind. Story of his/her life I guess.

    Here how easy it would be to at least make me look into this. A person contracts HIV. Same person has a documented history of tests showing that he/she was HIV+ for say, 3 years. In addition, this person has documented instances of elevated viral loads and below normal CD4 counts and can provide evidence of never having had a prescription filled to combat the infection. The same person can show evidence of having had a “healer” pray for them, say a video of various prayer sessions. Immediately afterwards, this person should be able to show for at least a year and on different occasions that they are HIV non-reactive (no evidence of ever having had generated antibodies for the virus), that they have 0 detectable viral load (again repeatable and consistently for at least a year) and that their CD4 counts are normal. Show me someone who can meet these simple criteria and I’ll at least consider the possibility of something wondrous having happened.

    Until then, please see your doctor and take good care of yourself!

    1. Luis doubles down!
      It is obvious from the video that a GP believes in faith healing, and specifically only through our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. What do you have to say to that evidence? Slam dunk!

      That video solves it! Faith healing works and I propose that tithing be covered by Obamacare!

      Case closed.

      1. Here’s a thought. Insurance companies should have an extra search option on their websites for participating doctors and providers that list whether or not a participating member incorporates Faith Healing to their practice. That way I could hone in my search for a specialist even quicker!

  3. all in life is a reflection of your way of thinking. without this faith you can’t get healed. I do not think myself that god or any pilgrimage has ever healed anyone, but that faith, this power of belief that this events will heal made it. Positive thinking is a bargain and makes the major work in any healing process. Thy will shall become, in heaven as on earth. Those words are not written for nuts. On the other side, beware of quakers and money-suckers. Most wonder-doctors come out of that school.

  4. So if someone is not healed, is it a result of a lack of faith, Samuel? Or are some things impossible to achieve by faith? What of those who do not have the requisite faith but instead come to faith by what they perceive as a miraculous healing of their illness? What about apostates who are supposedly healed by the prayer of others?

    “Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt6:10), which I assume is the reference you are using, is referring to the Will of God. Not my will, His will. So how is ones faith even relevant in light of this scripture? Is a lack of faith going to cause God to will someone ill, or is someones faith going to will God to make them well? If you can answer this, then what was your point?

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