I recant: It *IS* Caturday!


Meet Hattie. Hattie is my Uncle Jimmy’s cat, and this picture was taken shortly after a miscommunication between his cat salon and him back in 2010.

Uncle Jim asked for the “regular”, which somehow was misconstrued into, “Make my cat look like a freak show.”

Regardless, Hattie is a lovable little cat with a gorgeously soothing voice. She purrs her meows with grace. And her gait moving through a room will melt your little heart.

Give Hattie a warm, rousing belly rub, as she saved this Caturday from going by without another kitty photo.



3 thoughts on “I recant: It *IS* Caturday!

  1. I’d be “lion” if I told you I didn’t *love* this picture!

    Hattie may have lost her dignity, but she could definitely find some pride.

    I could go on, but you get the “mane” idea…..

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