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This is a reblog from Joe My God and since it’s from a reasonably-minded Republican, I feel it’s necessary:

“This ‘pledge’ is nothing short of a promise to discriminate against everyone who makes a personal choice that doesn’t fit into a particular definition of ‘virtue’. While the Family Leader pledge covers just about every other so-called virtue they can think of, the one that is conspicuously missing is tolerance. In one concise document, they manage to condemn gays, single parents, single individuals, divorcees, Muslims, gays in the military, unmarried couples, women who choose to have abortions, and everyone else who doesn’t fit in a Norman Rockwell painting.”

– Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the first 2012 GOP candidate to officially denounce the “offensive” moral pledge already signed by Crazy Eyes and Frothy Mix.

Shocking illusion

These faces have not been altered in any way.

It’s a new scientific finding called the “Flashed Face Distortion Effect”. You can read more about it here

and here

Tangen, J. M., Murphy, S., & Thompson, M. B. (in press). Flashed face distortion effect: Grotesque faces from relative spaces. Perception advance online publication, doi:10.1068/p6968.

Thanks to for the faces.

Awaiting Moderation

As you may be aware, my parents and sister visited Le Café Witteveen this week. They arrived on Tuesday, and I asked if they’d stay an extra day. They left Saturday morning at 3 a.m. for their 13-hour drive back to North Carolina.

We had a grand time. I loved having them. They are family, and an amazing one at that.

I could cook for more than Tina multiple days in a row. I love the challenge, and the payoff. I was highly critical of the meals I made this week. Tuesday, I made shrimp tacos. Wednesday I made turkey burgers and sweet potatoes. Thursday I made pizzas (which I’m not sure I can screw up at this point except for when cooking for regular-reader Aaron (SAW). On Friday, I made enchiladas and salad.

The enchiladas weren’t all that great. But it’s always fun to cook and to cook for someone else. Every experience (failed and successful) are learning experiences.

We filled our time the best we could. Tina and I both agree that since we don’t see them very often, it’s important to squeeze the most out of our visits.

Many of you remember how vocal I’ve been in the past about how stressed I used to get when visiting the parents or vice versa. Since I’ve had the blog, my views have changed. I feel that even if I don’t tell my family directly how I feel, I have an outlet for expression. As you know, my dad is a regular reader here. And I’m glad he reads what I write. I love that my dad can read my blog, because I’m not as verbal as he is. I feel he knows me better now than ever. And the blog has become a form of communication, not directly intended for him or anyone … but myself.


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