Scrotum, bottom, or something else … you decide


Tina was eating cherries this afternoon, and she hollered for me from the east wing. I went to her. She held a cherry stem with a double cherry dangling at the bottom and asked, “What do you see?”

I said, “Balls.”

She said, “I see a woman’s booty.”

What do you see? Is it booty-licious or scrotal-fantastic?

The possibilities are endless vast.


“The View” On Michele Bachmann & The Marriage Vow

I hate to side with the conservative blathering on The View, but holy hell, even the conservatives on the show are lambasting The FAMiLY Leader’s nut-baggery. Give this a listen.

To top it off, the stupid is burning bright over at John Barron’s blog regarding the Marriage Vow document. And despite the FAMiLY Leader’s removal of the bullet point in question, Barron stands behind the bullet point in all John Barron’s ignorantly, racist glory.

Just like a good conservative, he’s got his grappling hook, dense head wrapped so tightly around his hope that he’s not wrong … that he won’t admit defeat.

Not only is John Barron arrogantly standing behind the inanity of supporting stupidity, he is moderating my comments — just like a good believer. Hide opposition and “sins”. It’s easier to move through life if reality can be ignored.

I posted a comment last night that was deliberately removed simply for saying, “Hey John Barron, your computer’s spellcheck appears to be broken.”

As he would write, “That’s rediculous [sic]!”

Love and kisses, John Barron!

Talulah goes to Montrose Dog Beach

Yesterday, Tina and I took Talulah on her maiden voyage to Montrose Dog Beach.

Before she went into the water, we smashed a bottle of champagne on her bow. She was intimidated by the water at first, but it didn’t take long for her to rush out into the water with all the other romping, frolicking K9s.

We met up with our friends Jay and Miles. Many of you remember them because Tina and I dogsit for their beautiful dogs Wilemena.
and Chloe.

Here are a few shots I took of Talulah. She had a BLAST. And she got so many compliments. (Almost) Everyone loves Talulah!

There’s one shot of Jay and Miles with their girls, too.

To give some comprehension for how crowded it is, I posted the picture above.







Graphic for all you photographers out there


This graphic is a great guide. I have to think about this entire chart every time I make a photograph.

Take a look. Consider printing it, and putting it in your back pocket during your next shoot.

The best way to good photographs is experience.

It helps to have a little help, though.

Except for the information on the graphic, I can’t remember where I found it.