Rick Perry and Friends: Meet The Supporters Of The Governor’s Prayer Rally

Inspired by the massive amount of video and other materials we are turning up in examining the extremists with whom Gov. Rick Perry is partnering with in promoting his upcoming “The Response” prayer rally, we decided to put together a little video to highlight just who these people are.


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Quote out of context

From the comments (grammar and spelling unchanged):

Moses has to bring the people of Israel into the Holly Land. To do that he has to overcome the vaginal waters and to do that he has to break the virginity first by putting his magic staff into that place. The water turns to blood, and the Pharao, his Enlightened Brain will assist to this. It is same as Jesus turns Water in wine. The breathe of God will eneter the door and the child Moses will die as the son of Pharao and will get reborn as Moses the adult Man, the Creator and Procreator.

Super Gonorrhea: let the crazies go nuts

The fundies are going to have a heyday over the recent finding of a strain of gonorrhea resistant to current medicine.

“It’s a sign from God!” they’ll scream.


From one article:

Scientists have discovered a new strain of gonorrhea-causing bacteria in Japan that is resistant to available treatments.

Since the 1940s, the sexually transmitted disease known as “the clap” has been easily treated with antibiotics. But the new strain of Neisseria gonorrhoeae has genetically mutated to evade cephalosporins — the only antibiotics still effective against the infection.

“This is both an alarming and a predictable discovery,” lead researcher Magnus Unemo, professor at the Swedish Reference Laboratory for Pathogenic Neisseria in Örebro, Sweden, said in a statement.

Remember when even god himself called disease a supernatural issue? “Demons! The Demons will get ya!”

Those were the days. 

The religionistas will likely miss the fact that it’s evolution in action.

Bizarre, unfounded arrogance

Recently some guy named @chuckbalsamo followed me and he responded to a message telling him that it was a poor choice to follow me. Lately I respond to almost every “follow” on twitter with a personal message.

I want to know who you are. Don’t just follow someone without announcing yourself. Especially when there are a million jackasses, porn sites and other hogwash out there following me every day. I block everyone who follows me unless they give me a reason to follow them back.

It doesn’t matter if you’re atheist, Christian or someone in between our outside of that spectrum.

You know what that Chuck Balsamo responded with when I told him it was a bad idea to follow me?


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