Bizarre, unfounded arrogance

Recently some guy named @chuckbalsamo followed me and he responded to a message telling him that it was a poor choice to follow me. Lately I respond to almost every “follow” on twitter with a personal message.

I want to know who you are. Don’t just follow someone without announcing yourself. Especially when there are a million jackasses, porn sites and other hogwash out there following me every day. I block everyone who follows me unless they give me a reason to follow them back.

It doesn’t matter if you’re atheist, Christian or someone in between our outside of that spectrum.

You know what that Chuck Balsamo responded with when I told him it was a bad idea to follow me?



He said, “Is this because you’re atheist? You seem like a guy still questing for answers, so I followed. Have a happy day! :)”

The happy emoticon really sealed the deal!

Did Chuck Balsamo provide any ideas or responses to my “questing for answers”?

Did Chuck Balsamo engage me with any intelligent conversation?

No, he assumed that if he followed me; I would follow him. He assumed, “Maybe this guy will my book!” And we would live happily ever after.

Poof, my quest would be over!

How arrogant! I never asked Chuck Balls for answers. Why would he assume he’s got the answers I’m searching for?

I wouldn’t recommend Chuck Balsamo for the Christian Thought Leader Award. His blog is the typical Christio-claptrap promoting his books while self-loathing the pomp of self-promotion. When are Christians going to get over the “pride = I heart Satan bullshit? ”

Then he’ll write post full of ennui about the inspirational sermons he’s listening to mixed with references to sports stars.

How do you pronounce, “BORING.”

Once you finish yawning while reading his blog, you can understand folks like Chuck Balsamo for what he really is: Just another self-promoting believer trying to make a buck off the supernatural. Chuck B’s M.O. is probably the easiest, less-than challenging feat in all of American commerce.

Consider this section of his forthcoming book “Make Me a Legend” (Chapter 5):

It may appear like Christianity is the antiquated religious movement of years gone by, but you and I can definitely make it the founding religion of tomorrow’s America! Together we must reform the spiritual condition of our world and pass on a much better version of our great faith than the one we’ve been sporting these past 100 years. I’m talking about a Christianity that’s not shunned, but rather greatly appreciated by the societies of tomorrow, doing so much more than just telling people how to live.

We have to become a modern pilgrim people—living powerfully and leading and serving our world through the timeless principles of our guiding Scriptures and God’s Spirit living in us and working through us. We have to show our world a faith that courageously and relevantly approaches and solves the real problems of today—spiritual problems, emotional problems, family problems, social problems, economic problems, and every category of problems known to people.

Firstly, “… Christianity is the antiquated religious movement of years gone by” because it’s the antiquated movement of years gone by.

That’s about the only truth Mr. Balslamo has going for him.

From what I can tell, there isn’t one iota of Chuck Balsamo’s being that wants to live in a shared world of different mindsets. He wants one world dominated by his archaic views, and he wants to put his fresh, new fandangled spin on that hope.

Whoop whoop de doo. 

Later in the same section of chapter 5, Chuck Balsamo writes:

Tonight, countless children will lie in bed awake, trembling through their fears of tomorrow—fears of their parents splitting up, fears of their homes being broken into, fears of drive-by shootings, and fears of emotional and physical abuse.

Those children’s prayers and the prayers of 100s of 1000s of 1,000,000s of children will go unheard every hour of every day.


Because there is no god to hear those prayers.

And if he/she/it exists … he’s an asshole for letting those prayers go unanswered with anything short of a “I will take care of this and I’ll take care of this right now!” answer

It is up to the rest of us to come to these children’s rescue. It is action, not prayer, that makes a difference.

Take your prayers and shove them

I’ve crafted this post so Chuck’s Balloons will pop over and get offended. I want him to declare me a typical asshole atheist (not in those words of course, but the loving, more appropriate Christian words).

And in return for his insolence, I want him to give me one good reason why anyone should trust in that monster called god.

Hugs, Chuck Balsamo. It’s time to stop arrogantly thinking you’re going to save the world. Save yourself and us, and publish books that will do some good in the world. Base them on reality-based concepts.

That crutch you lean on is not working … because it’s increasingly obvious there’s nothing but air at the end of those prayers and hopes.

But don’t forget … Dream big, Live Bold, Make a Difference … Ball Slam oh!

15 thoughts on “Bizarre, unfounded arrogance

  1. Jeremy,
    I follow you,not just on Twitter. Did you enjoy that ham sandwich you ate at 9:47pm last night?

    I follow you to let you know that I am better than you, that I am happier than you, that I can make your life better. I know that because you don’t talk about how your heart is filled with Jesus-juice, that you are sad and lonely and searching…..

    I want you know that if you assert your beliefs, and your belief isn’t in Jesus, this means you are searching. When I assert my belief, it means I have the answers. This is because if you don’t agree with everything I say, you must still be searching for the truth, because I have it.

    I can’t possibly see what you think is so arrogant about that.

    Chucky Balsamo
    Keymaster of the Truth

    P.S. Do you know what vowel comes after Ball-Slam-O, Jeremy?
    That’s right! Ball-Slam-You….

    1. Stalker!

      Tina and I “pretend” we don’t see you, because we feel sorry for freaks like you.


      I know you’re better than I am. Most everyone is.

      You should have signed out and signed in as Charlie Balsamic Vinegar. It would have caused a pants shitting.

    1. I don’t hate Chuck Blastocyst.

      And I certainly don’t hate Jesus. I think Jesus might have been pretty incredible.

      I don’t hate anyone.

      But to say Jesus loves me … that would be a stretch.

      I am quite sure I’m much more forgiving than Jesus ever will be.

      If you don’t believe in me, I don’t send you to hell.

      That makes me pretty damn sweet next to shitty old Ichthys, don’t you think?

  2. Jeremy, thanks for the advertising and thanks for the laugh! I thought about not replying, but then I thought that anyone who would dedicate an entire blog to me should receive the respect of a reply.

    I was wrong about your quest. It seems that your mind is anchored with the anti-god crap you’ve been reading and writing for a very long time. We both have our roots way too deep into our current belief systems to find a common ground.

    Whereas I despise your spin on pretty much everything, I admire your passion. I got mad at first and wanted to tear your face off, but then I prayed and Jesus asked me to forgive you. (I’m joking, really He said He would do that for me. Joking again-laugh Jeremy)

    George, thanks for replying in my name… I couldn’t say it better! (Joke-please give yourself a hand, that was HILARIOUS!)

    Really you might both be right about me. Maybe I’m too self centered, maybe I’m just out to sell a book… which you guys should both purchase and read. (Wink) Trust me, it will fuel your hate and ramp up your insults for sure… plenty of quotable material for your furious blogs.

    I plan to give the world my dream of a better tomorrow as politely as I can. No matter how I speak, I’m positive that my world view will continue to collide with yours… so I will look forward to a lifetime of insults from you Jeremy.

    I’m really not mad at you, everyone is entitled to an opinion. I’m going to think about your comments about my character and keep them in mind as I seek to become a better person.

    Have a great day, happy blogging!!

    1. Chucky,
      Chucky, Chucky, Chucky, Chucky……
      Come on buddy. I don’t hate you….I feel bad for you. I feel bad that you can’t see past your nose. I feel bad that you can’t find any reason to value yourself. I feel bad that you attribute all the good in yourself to Jesus and flog yourself for all your deficiencies. I feel bad that you miss out on all the wonder and beauty in life because you cannot allow yourself to own who you are.

      I don’t understand how you could impute hate from my comments, or even Jeremy’s for that matter. They may have been made with the understanding that you would find them offensive, but they were made with the intent of being honest and truthful about what is wrong with your position.

      In the atheist community we have a saying, perhaps you have heard of it:

      We hate the idiocy, but love the idiot.

      1. Georgie,
        Georgie, Georgie, Georgie, Georgie…
        Thanks for not hating and thanks for feeling concerned about my inner sense of value. Really, you guys are kind of fun! I love your phase, “Hate the idiocy, love the idiot.” Made me laugh. We should adapt that phrase in the Christian community too. Haha

        Here is where we differ: You feel bad for me because you assume weakness from my dependancy on God. You feel like I’m suffering from the accountability. You feel like I am wasting my life trying to please a God who is impossible to please. Simultaneously, I feel bad that you have to establish and maintain your own system of truth and morality… and that you don’t have a God to trust with everything concerning your life. You feel like I’m a weak person, propping up a mental god creation so I wont have to be my own person. You feel like I’m missing out because of my God-induced hesitation to live my life my own way. Like God is ruining my life with His unbearable regulations… and his VOJ (voice of judgement) is reducing me to a fraction of the person I could become without the God belief.

        I can understand why you feel this way and I really don’t know what to say to help you see through my eyes. Honestly, I respect you though. As I wish that you will see my light, you wish that I will realize that there is no light… or that maybe my version of the light is too narrow. It’s good to know that you have chosen to love this idiot. 🙂

        All I can say is that there was a time when I didn’t believe in God. Sometimes, I would look up into the night skies and call him out. I would eff him off and dare Him to wide me out if he could. I used to mock Christian’s… even loved to get my Christian friends to “fall from their faith.”

        I realize that personal experience is perceived as a weak argument for God. I wish that my strength was in apologetics, then maybe I would be a regular on your blogs. I guess for now, I can just say that it takes less faith for me to believe in God than it does to not believe. His reality in my life has been far too profound over the past 20 years for me to ever stop believing. I love being accountable to Him. I love the idea of absolute truth. If I am wrong, then at least the path I’ve taken has given me (in my humble opinion), the greatest chance at becoming the greatest version of myself that I can become.

        Thanks for listening to my thoughts. Have a great Saturday!

      2. Jeremy,
        I don’t know about you, but I kind of like this guy!
        He can take a joke, and he is being a good sport about the whole thing.
        He still can’t help but say dumb ass stuff, like we need to “invent” our own morality and truth, or that we live in darkness, but that is just the programming talking- I don’t hold him personally accountable.

        I think he just needs to get caught off-script and he might be a decent guy.

  3. Primus, Primus, Primus, Primus Primus,
    Why won’t you connect my phone and internet?

    Hello to everybody.

    1. We will all send emails to Primus to get your Internet up asap.

      To give a little background to everyone else, Jude has recently moved and his Internet is yet to be hooked up.

      It appears socialized countries like Canada suck as badly as the tea baggers say it does!


  4. Chuck,

    I agree with Georgie Porgie regarding your comment on morality. And you don’t have to be versed in apologetics to defend your faith or for us to think you are or are not intelligent in your faith.

    It is absolutely impossible for you to follow Christ’s commandments, as evidenced by the sheer fact that you probably live in a comfortable home, typed out your comments and your book on a computer, and have access to all the accoutrements of modern life. You would never give away everything you have and follow Christ.

    If I asked you for your shirt right now, you wouldn’t ask me for my address and mail me your shirt and coat as the good book says.

    Should you pass a Muslim on the street who is ailing from disease, you wouldn’t pick him up, take him to a hospital and pay all his bills.

    And whether you bow out to “all have sinned” mentality and excuse yourself by admitting that you are a perpetual sinner, you wouldn’t ever turn your face to let me slap the other cheek, as you obviously jumped on this blog after I metaphorically slapped you a few times in the above post.

    You, Chuck Balsamo and the whole of the Christian community or Christ following community, define your own morality constantly.

    Despite the holy bible being in your face about how to behave as a Christian, your morality is locked away in a supernatural treasure chest that no one has the key to opening and no one is looking for that key.

    And despite all the New Testament requests, recommendations, prescriptions for Christ-like action, you bask in the glory of ideological mercy that all your “sins” are forgiven and the result of death is a gateway to eternity.

    Most of us were ardent Christians who advocated a life of Jesus belief and promoted it to our friends and families.

    We choose not to believe in Christ, because we call a spade a spade. We understand that we cannot do what the bible says to do because it’s completely ludicrous and impossible, which you realize, but do not admit.

    We researched the anthropological phenomenon of religion. We studied the scientific intelligence of origins, and we’ve let ourselves not be influenced by ideas of heaven or hell (which can be neither proven nor accounted for within the framework of reality) and we choose to live by the latin phrase: Esse Quam Videri.

    Secular morality is the best morality, because if you behaved as the bible actually recommends for you to behave, you’d be living in prison, and not comfortably with your books, churches, wife, computers, comfortable clothes, air conditioning/heating, etc. etc. etc.

    You can thank modern society and evolved morality for the safeties and securities you enjoy everyday.

    You’re welcome,


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