Holy voluntary and unabashed racism

Did you hear the one about the couple in South Africa who had a “Colonial” themed wedding complete with costumes and servants?

Yeah, well it’s not fucking funny and nobody’s laughing.

This happened in South Africa.

A couple wanted a themed wedding with black servants.

What in the universe is going on in this world?

It’s like the world is a gigantic bus. And we’re all riding on the bus during our multi-millenia road trip. And just when you thought the kids were settled in and behaving like they should, one of them melts down into a furious bout of insanity.

“Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time,” says the bride and groom with Champagne spilled all over their clothing and dabbing their tears of laughter with hankies made of money.

The metaphor for the bus on a road trip is an appropriate one. The bus keeps going in circles around the sun. We think we’re moving forward, and dipshits in the world remind us that we’re going absolutely NO WHERE … and they like it so much they throw a party to celebrate it.

And with every mile we cruise through space, we keep returning to a biblical state of mind … a rationalist, morally corrupt ideology that allows behavior as sick as glorifying slavery within a group setting.

To top it off, this couple’s guests went along for the ride and had a blast. That’s like getting an invite to the Nazi Party … and going out of your way to grow a Hitler ‘stache and making sure you get your whole mouth around the shower heads in the gas chambers drink the booze spraying from them.

Have we learned nothing? When will progress take place?

I’d like to be on that bus when it leaves, and I’d like only people who “believe” in progress on it when we go.

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