This is me, taking away your freedom … boo hoo.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed a lawsuit against Texas Governor Rick Perry’s exclusive day of Christian prayer.

This, dear reader, is how atheists are taking Christian’s freedom from them.

I kid you not.

I have a couple points.

No one is telling anyone they cannot pray. We’re declaring using government funding to support a day of prayer is unconstitutional.

It begs the question: are your regular, church-led prayers not good enough for god?

Are public prayers more effective than the weeping screams of a starving child?

Gosh, it reminds me of that one time Jesus said, “Don’t pray in public like the Pharisees.”

Turn with me to Matthew chapter 6, verse 5. 

Regardless of whether or not the religionists believe that their constitution is for or against state-led prayer, I point to Jesus’ own verbatim commandments.

What would Jesus do? Well, in this rare case, we have the EXACT answer. He would recommend keeping your prayers private.

Go, then. Pray as Jesus prescribed. Try non-hypocrisy for a change. It’s much more becoming.

6 thoughts on “This is me, taking away your freedom … boo hoo.

  1. Yeah, the whole “you’re taking away our freedoms” thing is quite incomprehensible to me. Especially, like you said, when we know just what Jesus would do. PRAY IN PRIVATE!!

    Still, teachers and students in public school can pray all day if they like. They can pray IN SCHOOL anytime anywhere. What the school can’t do is force all students to join in a public prayer or lead a public prayer in any way shape or form.
    Same goes for government officials. You can pray before sessions all you like. Wanna gather with all Christian public officials before a meeting for a bit ofmagic and chanting praying? No problem, meet in your office before session begins. What you can’t do is force your prayer on all members during working hours! Why the holier than thou attitude of a public invocation before you begin work? Stop the ridiculous crap and get to work!

    Really, why is this so difficult to understand? Why do you HAVE to have EVERYONE see that you’re praying? Is your prayer somehow less effective if done in private? Does praying in private invalidate the request? That’s what I don’t get! Is public prayer somehow strengthened by the display of unity? Does the strength of the prayer increase proportionally with the number of people joining in? Explain this to me please!

  2. I wanted to use the strikethrough tag for magic and chanting and instead wrote strikeout the so really it was mea culpa.

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