Holy F-grades, I graduated high school with morons

In case you didn’t know, the women’s U.S. soccer team played Japan in the World Cup finals today.

On Facebook, one of my fellow, high school graduates and soccer player friends updated with: “This one’s for Pearl Harbor!”

To which some other moron who graduated from my high school said (and I quote): “hell yeah, I ain’t forgot that shit either.”

My response was, well … fuck it, you can read above. I grabbed a screen capture.

I explained we got our revenge.

Apparently what I should have said was, “For fuck’s sake, MOVE ON and try to understand history while you’re at it.”

And you can read what idiotic response came next.

We retaliated for Pearl Harbor with, not one, but two fucking atomic bombs (thanks, Science!). And while the Japanese wreaked havoc on our military base and slaughtered over 2,000 Americans, we killed over 200,000 innocent Japanese citizens and who knows how many Japanese military during WWII.

We painted ourselves in the corner as douchebags with the second atomic bomb. We premeditated so much carnage that we deserve international disgust after the second bomb drop.

So no, other Jeremy from my high school, this one wasn’t for Pearl Harbor. It was for soccer. It was for a fucking game. And a game isn’t going to settle a death match … although I really wish they did. Less loss of life and a lot more fun to watch.

And to top the whole thing off, the U.S. lost.

So if this one was for Pearl Harbor, we showed no one anything except for the embarrassment of people like Jeremy who lay claim that a soccer game will finally lay to rest those who died Pearl Harbor attacks.


I hate ignorance … and this is pretty much the bottom of the barrel in award-winning, embarrassing idiocy.

9 thoughts on “Holy F-grades, I graduated high school with morons

  1. The first couple comments are something I probably would have dismissed as tongue-in-cheek attempts at humor. Of course I have a warped sense of humor. The later responses, however, pretty much threw that assumption of mine out the window. As cynical as I can be, it makes me wonder if I give people too much benefit of the doubt sometimes.

  2. Did you know, there’s a high correlation between people who can’t spell and idiocy …random fact.

    I don’t know who Mitsibishi [sic] is but Mitsubishi was the company that manufactured the A6M Zero.

    I bet this is the same guy who orders Chinese takeout and then calls the them delivery guy a “Chink” or “gook” when he leaves because he heard the term used in some macho Vietnam movie of the late 80’s early 90’s and thinks it’s cool.

  3. I often consider hockey games between USA and Canada to be played “for the War of 1812”
    We should never forget the Yankee invasion, or how they sacked York. Even our subsequent invasion and occupation of their Capitol where we burned down the White House is not sweet enough revenge.
    I enjoy our regular avenging of 1812. Thank goodness I’m not a basketball fan, or else I would have to face constant reminders of the loss of a war that we won.

    1. They seem to be trying to make up for not giving a shit about WW II until two years after it started. I guess 66 years of stewing over it is supposed to make up for 27 months of saying “Meh..” to the prospect of Hitler overpowering Europe.

      1. Could also be related to the more recent 9/11 attacks. A lot of Americans appear to still be stewing over that, maybe they’re just projecting onto another, similar, attack?

  4. I love how the guy says, “Tell that to my cousins that lost their grandfather.”

    As if he’s trying to insult me … because I can’t talk to the dead.

    I’m assuming this dude is a Christian, and I want to also point out that if he believes that crap, his uncle is in a better place, so why bemoan his status updates from heaven?

    If what he believes is true, his uncle are in heaven singing, “Thanks Japanese military! Life is much better now in heaven! La la la la la!”


    (note: I didn’t re-view the conversation before writing the above the first time. You may notice I edited for clarity)

  5. I’m pleased with Japan’s win. After the year they’ve had they could use something to boost moral.

    1. I agree with that.

      And second place, frankly, is nothing to cry too long about. It sucks to lose, but it’s an amazing feat to make it that far.

      The USA Women’s team has a LOT to be proud of.

      I noticed interactions between players and ref that looked like it would have been the most pleasant game to play. When at the level of stress involved in that level of play, and to see the players behave so pleasantly, that was a pleasure to watch.

      Apart from the red card, that game was fun to watch. There was masterfully brilliant play in that game.

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