Thom Hartmann: Atheists vs. Rick Perry over Christian prayer

This video is a “must watch”, because I feel like I just had this conversation recently. I feel like I was arguing from Thom Hartmann’s position, and the person I was arguing with was speaking from Dr. Carol Swain’s. In my mind’s eye, I feel like it was my conversation verbatim.

The only difference is that I am an atheist, and Hartmann is a Christian.

One of the BEST things my education at a conservative, evangelical Christian school taught me was exactly what Hartmann’s advocating. It’s that government should keep its paws out of promoting one religion over another. That there is a separation of church and state, and it’s for a good reason.

When did the evangelicals change their message? And what moron voted Swain into that seat as a representative of the evangelical position?

I can say, with trepidation, that if Christianity were more unified in its goals, that maybe a religious majority would have a better chance of being better heard in the public sphere. But since it is splintered and tattered, evangelicals have hurt their chances of getting their message out there in tact, based entirely on the idea that they have a broken message.

To be clear, Hartmann is the voice of great reason. He is speaking rationally, intelligently and outsmarting Swain by a HUGE margin. Hartmann deserves our accolades, and I could only hope that more Christians would follow his lead, instead of bumbling behind the idiocy that Swain is promoting.

I liked what redditor unfinite says in the comments at Reddit:

He should have played the race card. Replace anything she said about atheists with “blacks” and she would have had a shitfit.

“America was founded as a white nation with Judeo-Christian values such as slavery, and we’ve gotten away from those principals because of the blacks.”

“Up until the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s we had racial discrimination in school, and it was a black that got rid of that. And since the 1960’s our country has been in decline.”

“I think that the blacks have really hurt our nation. The overwhelming majority of Americans are whites. The blacks are a small minority making trouble.”

“America needs to change course. We’re following the wrong path, and a lot of it is coming from the blacks. They are leading us down the wrong path.”

“Whites are the only ones in America under siege. The blacks are everywhere. They’re trying to use our water fountains, sit in our bus seats. They’re been there for 50-60 years and all of a sudden the blacks are so concerned about them.”

Via Reddit

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