“Intelligent” design my foot! Nipple found on woman’s heel

Don’t you know, nipples are sexy, dirty, sinful parts of the human body? Look at that image above!

Aren’t you TURNED ON? Did blood engorge your male or female sex organ as soon as you saw that gorgeous nipple?

Well, surprise … it’s a foot nipple!

Women have nipples. Men have them, too. Mothers feed their babies with them. They’re sensitive to the touch, and some men and women enjoy a good nipple touching, licking, fondling, sucking or all the above.

Some women’s nipples are too small to feed a child. Other women’s nipples are almost as large as their entire boob. They are different colors. They often grow hair.

Gosh, they are kind of weird little doohickies, don’t you think? 

In our Puritan-influenced society, men prance around beaches and public spaces showing off their nipples, while women have to keep theirs covered as to avoid rampant sex urges from impetuous men.

Some people — both men and women — sport a third or fourth nipple, obvious evidence of our animal heritage. While there are dim bulbs who insist that we are Intelligently created, there are gigantic, okay quarter-sized clues, these third and fourth nipples show how connected we are to the rest of the animal kingdom.
And then there’s a new bizarre case of a nipple showing up on a woman’s heel. Check out this article about a nipple found on a woman’s foot.

It might be a foot fetish dream come true!

Now before you rush off to the bathroom to masturbate, consider the fact that nipples aren’t all that big of a deal. And there are anomalies like this one that must happen more often than get reported.

I wonder if the woman with the heel nipple gets off if she wears certain kinds of shoes? You know, if the heel rubs a certain way …

Or perhaps when she props up her bare feet, she must wear a little Barbie bikini top to cover that one spot to avoid offending children playing around her.

Or if she is ever in a dance routine, she must avoid any kind of costume malfunction to avoid lawsuits from the FCC.

I’ve been to nude beaches. I’ve seen kids on beaches where women are sunbathing nude. And you know what, if no one makes it a big deal … it’s not.

I’ve seen nude art. Frankly, I’d like to make nude art. But that’s beside the point.

Nipples, sex organs, naked bodies … these do not offend me nor do I think they are evil, sinful, or whatever the conservatives impose on our culture.

And while I’m on the topic of sexual peculiarities, anyone who says they are opposed to homosexuality because they say that kind of sex is “unnatural” since it doesn’t give procreation a chance is not having a creative bedroom experience … and they should probably consider cutting off their genitals.

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