Wow, John Shore is a gigantic douche

Apparently you can censor your Facebook responses and comments, and @johnshore knows how.

I tried commenting on an update from liberal Christian idiot John Shore several times on different computers, and Facebook wouldn’t allow it.

This is liberal Christianity at its worst.

I did a test. I can comment on any other person’s page that I choose. Just not John Shore’s.

That’s amazing!

Thanks, John Shore, for painting liberal Christianity into the worst corner possible. And to think, I was going to add something positive to your thread.

No wait, I was going blue. Maybe not blue. Definitely negative.

John Shore is good at one thing … promoting the same topic and thread multiple times for no good reason.

What an asshole. He is ennui at its worst.

And while I have your attention, John. I’m still waiting for you to help me get a life.

Hello? I’m tapping my fingers!

9 thoughts on “Wow, John Shore is a gigantic douche

  1. Shit’s weak. I’m a little curious tho about this sweet life he is going to give you. I may be interested also.

  2. I have no idea why this happened to you; some of my good friends have complained to me of the same problem (and, weirdly, to only that one status). I assume it’s just a Facebook glitch of some sort.

    1. Crap. Are you saying I jumped the gun on calling your douchiness?

      I’m going to work on my affectionate superlatives and foot removing skills this morning.

      1. Unlike you, I actually make apologies, admit when I’m wrong, and leave blunders and mistakes up for transparency.

        And yes, it was a dig to write “unlike you” at the beginning of that sentence.

  3. (“though,” I meant, of course, not “thought.) But if you Tweet the apology via @johnshore, then of course I’ll see it. Otherwise, I surely won’t.

  4. Oh, what the heck, as long as I’m here (and, again, I won’t be again: trust that): If you want people to read your blog — to pay attention to you, to care about what you say, to trust in your character and value your insights — refrain from purely vitriolic (not to mention purely vitriolic AND utterly groundless) attacks on others. Be better than that. Work harder than that. Have more faith in the integrity of the audience you’re trying to cultivate. If you show yourself to be a bottom feeder, you will only attract the kind of toxic people who also feed in that same sad stratum. You can get attention by attacking others, but it’s not the kind of attention you want. (And I have no idea how much of your blog is about publicly pissing on others; perhaps it’s not at all. All I know is that I’ve only been here twice, and both times you were dumping on me personally; the other time, as I recall, you were publicly chastising me for not offering to the world that one of the reasons I love my wife is because of the great blowjobs she gives me. Anyway, I won’t be back here, but, again, for what it’s worth: You can do better.)

    1. Ouch.

      That’s a well-positioned slap on the wrist, John. I’ll take it.

      For the record, you impressed me at the onset. I became a “John Shore” fan off the bat, because others from my camp were singing your praises. I read through a helluva lot of your blog, and sang your praises to family and friends who (I thought) needed to hear your message.

      I turned on a few people to buy your work and buy into your message.

      You’re welcome.

      I will make a public apology for the above post. And I’ll leave this post in tact.

      I will not, however, stop criticizing you. Whether warranted or not. Liberal Christianity is the only Christianity that has ever had even a remote chance with impressing someone like me … and apparently your adoring fans are doing very little to keep you on your toes.

      You are not exempt from a critical word. And for what it’s worth, I’m still a fan. A leery fan with a little more oomph behind my ambitions.

      Because if these two posts (here and here) are what you consider “vitriolic”, boy oh boy, you and I are going to have fun in the future.

      All the best,


    2. No John,
      You don’t get the point of the last post at all. You had a person, let’s call them “NEEDSHELP” who reached out to you in a post you wrote. You know John, they “needed help”, kind of like their name implied. It wasn’t a mystery, it wasn’t ambiguous, it was their God Damned sign in name!!!
      What did the Great John motherfucking Shore do about “needshelp”? He linked her comment on facebook, called it “The Most Depressing Blog Comment Ever” and didn’t bother to try and respond or help her. Just having an impersonal feigned acknowledgement of how pathetic she was seemed perfectly reasonable.
      Now I know that you don’t have a responsibility to help every person who asks for it, so that is all fine and dandy. You have just as much right to ignore and be ambivalent about the problems of others as anyone else, I get that. But you and I had an email exchange where I politely pointed out that maybe this girl needed more than a public and impersonal acknowledgement of how sad she was.
      How did you respond back? Huh?
      “She wasn’t asking for help, so mind your own business”
      “NEEDSHELP” was not asking for help? Right! Good call.
      Did I make a big deal about your abject douchiness? Did I publish our email exchange in an effort to make public your moronic and dickish mistake? Nope. I left it alone. So did my best friend, who I did share the exchange with. You know John, the one who is “vitriolic”, and seems to have a vendetta against you. You might stop to ask yourself if that is the action of mean spirited people.
      So no, it’s not about talking about blowjobs, though you can ride that story all you want. That is what Jeremy means about an apology. He means apologizing to a woman who reached out to you and you let her down. Or apologizing to a guy who just tried to bring to your attention that she was reaching out, and instead you sent a ridiculously mean spirited email telling me to politely “fuck off”. I don’t want an apology though John, I just wanted you to go and help the girl. I’m still waiting.
      So stop acting like your shit don’t stink.

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