Mac OS X Lion

Last night and today, I’ve been working on upgrading one of my computers to OS X Lion. I haven’t had a chance to do much with it, yet, because of all the updating I needed for other apps.

I whisked through the email update this morning and it looks cool.

I’ll be updating here more soon. But here’s a short review (of a review) that I thought a couple of you might enjoy.

From Kottke:

And as usual, the definitive review of any new version of OS X is John Siracusa’s for Ars Technica. This time around, it runs 19 pages. If that’s not to your liking, you can just download Lion right now from the Mac App Store for $30.

Two other misc Apple thoughts: 1) They appear to have discontinued the MacBook. There are Airs and Pros but no plain-old MacBooks. 2) Apple Inc, already among the largest companies in the world in terms of market cap,announced yesterday that the company’s “revenue [is] up 82 percent and profits [are] up 125 percent” over the same quarter last year. That level of growth in such a big company…that’s just astounding. And much of the revenue and profitare from products that didn’t exist even five years ago…the iPad alone was a ~$5 billion business in Q3 (for comparison, Google had $9 billion in total revenues in Q2). If that’s not unprecedented, it’s damn close.

One thought on “Mac OS X Lion

  1. I am so sorely tempted….

    Now that I’m jobless…yes, I quit my job, long story…I have time to play around with upgrades and such.

    If I’m homeless in six months, I’m going to live under the El behind your house.

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