Betty Bowers: “Michelle Bachmann announces fantastic news on immigration.”




Graphic of Michele Bachmann in front of a Borders book store, says, “Thank the Lord that America has finally closed its borders! YOu just try to get in now, Mr. Mexican!”

Betty Bowers posted this graphic today.

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USA wins again! Average home size greater than the rest of the world!

Americans win again! 

Since 2003, we continue to build the largest homes with the largest square footage on the planet. Here’s the breakdown in square footage.

That means our homes use more energy to heat and cool than any other country on Earth. I mean, for real, fuck the planet!

We need more space to put our stuff!!!

Have you been to HomeGoods lately? That place is a treasure trove of cheap, Asian accessories to fill your closets with.

Space on your tabletop? Have I got a polar-bear-sized tchotchke calling your name!

We build and buy gigantic homes, and then we stuff those houses with lots of big, cheap furniture built in China by Right-wing Corporations who know where their money can get them the cheapest, youngest labor!

And these international companies hide their money overseas, and the CEOs of those companies say things like, “Look at John Kerry evading taxes by registering his boat in another state! What a hypocrite! Right!?!”

And then they sneeze into a hundred dollar bill and we collectively say, “Bless you, sire.”

We may have lost the women’s world cup against smelly old Japan, but we won the Square Footage Battle.

Where’s our trophy at? 

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New York City Same – Sex Marriage Day One – One Lonely Protester

You make a good argument. We should all listen to little ol’ you.

July 24, 2011, Office of the City Clerk, 141 Worth Street, Manhattan. A huge crowd cheered the several hundred couples who stood in long lines to obtain marriage licenses and to get married on the spot with a waiver of the mandatory 24 hour wait. This one protester was largely ignored and his rant delivered from a distance was unheard. Later, a man who identified as Jewish, Joseph Garber, joined him in the protesters’ pen. His signs were barely legible. One read “Homo Sexuality is a Biblican sin”.