Surprise, it’s not all about yours truly

Yeah, yeah, my weekend plans were changed last minute. I can get past it. I swear.

But there was a lot that happened in the world this weekend that needed attention and needs your attention.

New York Gay Marriage is hands down the best news of the weekend. Seeing photos of people who love each other tying their knots, got my little tum all knotted up.

But the weekend wasn’t all bliss. Conservatives and even some democrats are manipulating gray clouds over the parades of joy. State Sen. Ruben Diaz (D) told a group that he would fight to get every gay marriage annulled. Larry Kramer reportedly called the marriages an embarrassments.

Sarah Palin addressing the Republican National...
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But with the bad news of dissent, comes the good news of Schadenfreude. The Sarah Palin documentary “Undefeated” (Ironic, right?) got an upswing in how many theaters it’s showing in this weekend. And its sales plummeted 63% from the first weekend. But be careful, believing bloggers are out there twisting up the information to look like Undefeated raked in more cash than Harry Potter. When will the lunacy end?

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In case you didn’t hear: Amy Winehouse died.

I’ve been sitting on the Norway bombing and shooting watching as more information surfaces. Initial reports were pointing at Islamic terrorists. That bastion of accurate news World Net Daily is STILL reporting that it was an Islamic terror attack.

From what I can tell, the major news networks are giving Anders Behring Breivik a “Christian” billing. Oddly enough, I have found that the Daily’s roundups of information about the shootings has been interesting.

And I appreciated reading PZ Myers’ response to the 1500 page document that surfaced and is possibly from the mind of Breivik.

Apart from all that, allergies or some fool cold has jumped into my system and is making me feel like a big sack of shit.

I took a Zyrtec yesterday to dry myself up a little. I have one of those sore throats that comes from a little snot drizzle into the back of the throat when I’m sleeping. This is a national catastrophe, and I would appreciate it if science would come to my rescue.