Honey, did you see what the cat(fish) dragged into the back yard?

Damn you, Global Warming!

From BlackEiffel blog:

Crikey! Did you see this? From what I understand, a mondo iceberg four times the size of Manhattan broke into pieces off the coast of Greenland last year, and now nearly a year later they are seeing it appear off the ‘iceberg alley’ shores of Newfoundland!

The top photo is a slice of ice that hit Newfoundland’s Goose Cove temporarily blocking the harbor until it broke and melted a bit.

That largest iceberg piece? They call it ‘Petermann’s Ice Island’ which NASA has been watching and it has yet to hit the shores. Pretty surreal, huh?! I am continually fascinated by the mighty nature and beauty of icebergs! (See previous post) You can see a video clip for the magnitude of Petermann’s Ice Island here.




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