It’s Wednesdog!

This Wednesdog is brought to you (again) by the doggie fundraiser from a couple weeks ago.

These two pit bulls are Billy Zoom (left) and Zoe (right). Zoe’s face is priceless. She’s got that, “I’m fucking nuts and brain dead! throw me that ball again!” face.

I’ve seen the face before. I just can’t pinpoint where. 

It’s the same face that John A. Davison must have when you tell him that blogs are places for other people to comment on your ideas, not a place for you to comment on your own thoughts. Personal comments are called, “New Posts”.

Anyway, hope you are enjoying your humptastic Wednesdog.

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The Media is anti-American

Pat Robertson and Robert Spencer say that media love Islam because they hate America.

Wait for the part where Robertson describes Christianity Islam:

“Are you so anti-American, are you so opposed to this great nation and the freedoms you have that you want to embrace something out of the eighth century, BC that restricts the role of women, and um, causes hideous fighting and Jihad, killing of innocent civilians?”

Garsh, Pat, if you didn’t qualify your statement with the word Jihad, I thought you were talking about Christianity.

Imagine that! … modern folks embracing ancient ideas as sacrosanct. 

And you should revisit that 8th BC century note.

Just sayin’.

The Breast Center

The Carbondale University Mall is a ghost town. There are some big-name stores there like Old Navy, American Eagle, Macy’s, etc. But it’s almost like they are there because they feel sorry for the town. Maybe the owners of those stores think they are contributing to a charity by keeping their stores in a mall like that.

In the back of the mall, near the food court, I found the above sign for the breast center. It’s pointing toward a little gray door that looks more like an exit than an entrance.

All I could think of was behind that gray door in the corner was a HUGE areola. Or behind the door, there were a bunch of animated boobs without chests running around.

I mean, The Breast Center? What else could it be?

Here’s a shot of cobbled together images at the food court at the mall. This should show you just how ghost town this mall is. Notice there are only two restaurants that are open. The rest are vacant.

click to enlarge

One more thing, drop by the wiki for “breast.” The top right image is a photo of a pregnant woman’s boob. When I was growing up, that was considered pornographic. I’m not sure why. Wikipedia must be the modern boy’s National Geographic magazine.