The Media is anti-American

Pat Robertson and Robert Spencer say that media love Islam because they hate America.

Wait for the part where Robertson describes Christianity Islam:

“Are you so anti-American, are you so opposed to this great nation and the freedoms you have that you want to embrace something out of the eighth century, BC that restricts the role of women, and um, causes hideous fighting and Jihad, killing of innocent civilians?”

Garsh, Pat, if you didn’t qualify your statement with the word Jihad, I thought you were talking about Christianity.

Imagine that! … modern folks embracing ancient ideas as sacrosanct. 

And you should revisit that 8th BC century note.

Just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “The Media is anti-American

  1. OK, that one I’ll not only give you, as it were, but laugh right along side of you, Godless though you be.

    A member of an older religion making comments like that about a younger one is stupid enough to be funny.

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