Ack attack

It’s been a wing-dinger of a few days.

A long-lost cousin came into town for Lollapalooza. We haven’t seen each other in over 15 years, so we caught up quite a bit on Thursday and Friday morning.

Friday afternoon we picked up Xina and Mr. X. We took them to Al’s, a Taylor street restaurant that specializes in Chicago-style junk food, like Italian beef, Italian sausage, polish dogs and regular hot dogs.

After Al’s, we got Italian Ice and cruised over to the Museum of Science and Industry. Then after that, we returned to our place and I made pizzas. I feel unsatisfied about my menu. I burned one of my crusts, and ended up improvising a salad, thanks to Tina’s recommendation.

It was fun, all the same, and I wish I would have done more prep before leaving the house that day, but that’s the breaks.

Saturday we had several meetings, and I had to prep equipment for a shoot today. We shot all day, and now I have to prep equipment for Monday.

Monday afternoon, regular reader SAW (Aaron) is stopping in Chicago for a 4 day visit.

My cousin leaves tonight after Lollapalooza. He’s going to return to our place to shower after Foo Fighters, and then train back downtown to catch a bus back to Grand Rapids.

It may be relatively quiet again this week. You can always follow the inane discussion over at this post in which John A. Davison can’t resist posting on this awful, no good, very bad blog.



2 thoughts on “Ack attack

  1. Your menu was perfect! You made me a Nutella pizza. You could have made nothing else and I would have been completely satisfied.

    I think I’m going to go buy a hula hoop and teach our pups to jump through it like Talulah. She’s so talented and well behaved!

    Hugs to you guys! Thanks again for your hospitality!

  2. I’m glad you liked it. I wanted to have more variety of pizza type.

    I bet Sam and Ruby will take to the hula hoop very quickly.

    I wanted to write more than a blurb about your visit, but we’ll go with this for now.

    Thanks again for coming!

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