5 thoughts on “Not so funny church signs

  1. I don’t think this sign was ever intended to be “funny”.

    Families which define roles for the husband and wife early on in a marriage are much more successful than most people probably realize. Many young people today are confused about how the various duties around a house are completed. The last thing a couple needs is to be arguing about who is to do what around a house. Now this statement absolutely doesn’t mean that a woman should perform all the housework and a man should just sit on his rear. Contrary, the chores must be split up evenly; but at the same time, if one knows what s/he needs to do on a regular basis, much less arguing and fighting will ensue.

    It may behoove you to look into the divorce rate among those who self-attest to a “strong religious belief” vs. those who self-attest to “no religious belief.”

    Although done in a bit of a crass way, this sign drives the point home quite concisely.

    1. The intention might not have been to make the sign “funny,” but that doesn’t mean it worked.

      “Funny” church signs are funny, because the church meant to make a serious statement that the rest of us find ridiculously droll.

      As for your defined roles, how is it that Christianity has cornered the market on this? My wife and I have defined roles and we don’t have a religious bone in our bodies.

      Even if you are correct about divorce rates among religious people, I can assure you that doesn’t mean religious people are happy in their marriages. Making divorce a guilt-ridden sin isn’t exactly the most brilliant method of helping people in real life.

      Sure, sure. In black and white, encouraging non-divorce is fantastic. But the reality is that freedom to choose should be what this country of Freedom is all about.

      By the way, your response reads like your kind of youngish … maybe newly married or engaged. Mid-twenties? Good luck with that. And if you’re not youngish, you conveyed a naivety that I expect from that age range, so don’t get all bent out of shape if I missed the mark.

      1. And furthermore, don’t you find it ridiculous that the church is encouraging deceit (makeup) to hook a man, and gender stereotypes to keep him?

        The sign lacks a recommendation for what the man should do to hook and keep a woman (I know you addressed it in your response).

        In our home, I cook and heavily contribute to cleaning. Marriage is hard work. It’s not some pithy comment on a stupid church sign that uses a book rife with asinine sex roles as its guidebook.

  2. Evan, may I recommend not believing everything you hear in the pulpit.

    The divorce rate among those with religious beliefs vs non-theists is either about equal or slightly better if you are non-reigious. Your bold assertion that somehow a religious belief strengthens a marriage is false.

    I suspect it is signs like these that are one of the reasons people are fleeing in droves from Churches.

    But you go on right ahead telling your missus to have your dinner ready by the time you’re back home from work, good luck with that! Your continued insistence in adhering to age-old gender stereotypes is just sad in the 21st century. Meanwhile the modern world will keep forging ahead!

  3. Evan unfortunately has been given just enough information to be dangerous.

    Indeed, a component of successful marriages involves the couple (whether opposite or same sex) working out what responsibilities they are each willing to take on. However, the most successful marriages are those in which there is a sharing and equal division of all the daily living tasks especially if both partners are working and there are children.

    Of course, The Fifth is right on with this one. The divorce rate among religious vs. non-religious is about equal or slightly lower for those who are non-religious. There are a myriad of explanations for why this is, but that would be an entire blog entry all of its own which would in turn be a regurgitation of everything that is easily found on your own with a little research.

    The sign in question reinforces gender stereotypes which are no longer valid given what we know about successful marriage. It relegates the woman to the role of sole homemaker and being responsible for providing “her man” with a hot meal which is utterly ridiculous and sexist.

    If we go back to the formula for successful marriages and take a quick hypothetical situation we can see how quickly this falls apart.

    Let’s imagine that a man and woman both have successful careers that require them to sometimes work long hours. On a particular day, the woman has to work extended hours and the man arrives home early.

    Should the man merely sit at home and wait for the wife to get there and then cook after a long day since it’s typically her task to do? He’s going to be irritable from hunger and she’s going to resent the hell out of having to work long hours then come home and cook.

    On the other hand, he comes home, prepares dinner, and times it accordingly so that the two of them can share a meal and discuss their day.

    Which of these scenarios is going to be more conducive to quality time the couple gets to spend togeter? If you chose the first because it was her chosen duty from the get go then you are sadly, sadly mistaken.

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