Pastor of Willow Creek Church sticks entire head up own ass, caught on JumboTron

Suburban Chicago church Willow Creek (@WillowCreekCC) and its pastor Bill Hybels recently weighed in on their anti-gay agenda to remind everyone how truly anti-gay they are.

There’s a story in the Chicago Tribune here. Quoting from the article, here’s the stand the church takes on homosexuality:

“We challenge homosexuals and heterosexuals to live out the sexual ethics taught in Scriptures, which encourage sexual expression between a man and a woman in the context of marriage,” said Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek. He added that the Bible prescribes “sexual abstinence and purity for everyone else.”

Despite all the evidence that homosexuality in some people is as natural as laughter. Despite all the biblical commandments that Christians ignore, this pathetically small-minded mega church continues to perform the mental gymnastics necessary to hold that they love everyone but hate some people simultaneously.

Dear reader, look at that jumbotron in the photo above. Just in case you couldn’t see the pastor, there’s an image of his glory projected onto a screen the size of a small home.

We’ve already referenced the sermon on the mount once today.

When I first moved to Chicago, I can’t count how many different people said, “How far is Willow Creek from where you live? You should go there. It’s an AWESOME church.”

First, any church that builds itself a mega church and calls itself Christian takes Jesus’ message, stomps on it, pisses on it, and laughs about it.

Second, any church who says it loves everyone, yet makes stipulations, is full of shit.

Third, hey Willow Creek … sell everything and give it to the poor. That’s what your Jesus said to do anyway.

When you start following Jesus’ basic, straight forward commandments, we’ll start taking you seriously. Until then, your hateful discrimination can take a gulp from this bottle of Shut the Fuck Up.


Image above: Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, speaks to audience members at the Global Leadership Summit in South Barrington on Thursday. (Stacey Wescott, Chicago Tribune / August 11, 2011)


4 thoughts on “Pastor of Willow Creek Church sticks entire head up own ass, caught on JumboTron

  1. I’m going to hijack my own thread and call for a caption contest on the image.

    I am submitting:

    “My head was up my own ass … Ta-dah!”
    “I hate gay people this much.”
    “What are they going to do … crucify me?”

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