Follow up to Willow Creek’s stance on anti-gay-ness

Bill Hybels
Bill Hybels. Image via Wikipedia


I wanted to post a link to Hemant Mehta’s take on Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz canceling an appearance at Willow Creek Church out in Chicago’s suburbs.

I posted about it here.

Check out Hemant’s post here.

I particularly liked how Hemant contrasted the recent statement from Willow Creek’s pastor Billy Hybels to a 2007 sermon with the following three bullet points and quotes from Hybels:

Myth 1) Homosexuals are born that way. (“This is a widely believed myth!… this myth is often spread aggressively by the gay liberation advocates…”)

Myth 2) Homosexuals lead happy lives. (“The gay life is anything but gay!… the homosexual lifestyle is a horrible lifestyle and a horror-filled lifestyle… did you know that the average — the average! — homosexual, over the course of a full lifetime, will have between 500 and 1000 sexual encounters with different men?It’s less for lesbians. They have fewer casual episodes or sexual encounters.”)

Myth 3) There is no hope for the homosexual. (“Friends, would you please try to put on the moccasins of a homosexual just one time before we conclude this service?… I frankly have never met a homosexual, or a lesbian, who went all the way to the point of sexual reorientation, sexual wholeness, without the help, without the careful longterm assistance, of a knowledgeable therapist…”)

The entire sermon can be heard here.

Maybe Hybels should interview Phil Hinkle and get a first-hand account of those “myths.”

@CNN, you’re grasping at straws on this one

I just watched this clip from CNN. The reporter claims to have been pushed by Michele Bachmann’s staff and by Ladybird Marcus Bachmann.


Did you see the size of that crowd? They were just trying to get through, and you were shoving your dildo boom mic in their faces.

I can’t stand Michele Bachmann, and this is nothing but contrived bullshit.

That’s like going to Lollapalooza and thinking the crowd is pushing only you.

Did you bump your wittle head Donnie Lemon? Awww … suck it up. You were going for a quote and  you got pushed out of the way. It’s your job.

If you can’t stand the heat …

The following photo, however, would have been perfectly reasonable to report on:


Both the vid and pic were seen at Joe My God

The new #Arthur remake … what a turd!

We watched the remake of #Arthur last night starring fellow atheist Russell Brand, Jennifer Garner & Hellen Mirren last night, and it sucked hard.

John A. Davison could have written a better script.

Not that we expected much of anything, but you would think that a comedy would include jokes. The movie ended up being the joke, and Tina and I were the punch line for sitting through that turd.

The collective chorus of the American people should be shouting, “Since when did TV get better than movies?”

The studios are putting out just about any turd a group of people can come up with these days.

The director, Jason Winer, is no stranger to comedy. He directed several episodes of Modern Family, and he claims Chicago as the source of his humble beginnings. The local Improv Olympic is on his resume.

Hey Jason, since when did “available light” become an agreeable way to shoot women like Jennifer Gardner and Helen Mirren? Okay, you might have thrown a couple lights in the scenes, but … holy shit … you made Jennifer Gardner looks like hell.

You, sir, should be ashamed.

Who’s idea was that? And what studio approved that lighting throughout the WHOLE movie? Did you bother to hire hair and makeup or did you not get a budget for that either? Everyone looked like they were trampled on in almost every scene.

I’ll go ahead and dump Peter Baynham into the toilet and flush, too. That screenplay sucked.

The whole production team gets a big fart noise for not bothering to polish their own turd.

Hey Jason! Noah Gregoropoulos wants you to take iO off your resume, because associating yourself with them makes them look like shit, too.

If you get caught between the moon and New York City, the best that you can do … is avoid this awful movie!