4 thoughts on “Finally, it’s time to celebrate our anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary to my favorite couple that live in Chicago and I have never met in person but talked with once on Skype.
    Really, of all the couples that meet those criteria, you guys are by far my all time favorite.

    It really couldn’t have happened to a smarter, funnier, nicer person. You are one of the greatest people I have come to know in my entire life; no joke- I sincerely mean that. I’m so happy for you, and I’m so glad I met you.
    Jeremy is lucky to have you.

    1. Wow, your criteria is pretty well defined.

      I’m imagining you had that written down some place as a check list, and you went bonkers when you met us.

      I started questioning whether I sent everyone packing after I responded to JAD with my hyperbole name-calling fest.

      Glad to see my anniversary post patched up the deal.

      Thanks for the kind words. We gotsta Skype again soon.


  2. I took your JAD post to just be giving him the “flame-pit” he’s been asking for.
    I was thinking the other day, his book is only >$20, maybe I should buy it and review it on my site.
    If I did that, I would also get the right to comment on his blog!

    Anyhow, Happy anniversary to you and Tina. I’ll have to Skype with you both soon……

    1. You should review his book. That’s a great idea.

      For a while, you were the only one of us that even believed he had a book. I thought he was making it all up. In my defense, I was too lazy to look it up.


      As for the flame-pit response, when I read it (and wrote it), it’s in the same voice that Westley is delivering his name calling at the end of The Princess Bride.

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