A belated Caturday

Tina sent me this shot of Zoe yesterday, and I didn’t get time to post it for Caturday. So you’ll have to deal with it.

I love how her canine tooth is poking out.

BTW, Zoe isn’t nearly as afraid of Talulah lately. She’s been sleeping on the couch with Tina and Talulah. These are milestones at our place.



Morton’s anniversary celebration proven a success

Tina and I celebrated three years of great goodness marriage last night at Morton’s Steakhouse on N. State St.

Our reservation was for 7:30. This particular Morton’s has an old-time Chicago feel. You enter through a heavy revolving door into a common area of a huge condo building. There’s an inconspicuous heavy wood door that you go through. Yes, it says, “Morton’s” on the door, but it’s almost as if the sign blends into the woodwork of the reception area.

You walk through the door, and descend a stairwell decorated with framed, pencil sketches of past Chicago Mayors. The last one you pass is Rahm Emanuel, which you’re required to bow in front of and leave a small donation before lighting a candle.

Once you approach the reception podium, you can see into what appears to be the smallest kitchen in Chicago. There are a slew of people, dressed in white with huge chef’s hats that are white versions of Marge Simpson’s hair.

As I was saying the words, “We have a reservation for two under Witteveen,” I noticed a guy opening and oven drawer with about eight steaks on it.

I was Pavlov’s dog. 

We were seated immediately, and the floor was bustling with waiters. The restaurant was much more populated than the last time we ate there. We reminisced that when we got engaged, there only seemed to be about five other people in the whole restaurant.

We ordered cocktails, and enjoyed them long before we saw a menu, which is my preferred way to eat at a restaurant. Our waiter Zack finally brought a cart loaded with that evening’s fare: a lobster, several cuts of beef larger than most cats, several different uncooked veggies.

After Zack described some specials, he placed two menus in front of us.

I looked up at him, and asked, “What cut of meat does the gentleman across from me to my right have?”

“That’s the prime rib. I don’t know if we have any more of those. I’ll check for you,” said Zack.

I was asking for Tina.

We noticed when our neighbor’s dinner was brought out, the guy took a picture of the steak. The thing was HUGE and very rare. Before the waiter took his plate away, Tina recommended to him that he should take an after picture. He made it surprisingly far considering the size of the meat the size the man.

For appetizers, we ordered a scallop dish. It was three of the largest scallops you’ve ever seen wrapped in bacon. Identifying all the flavors was impossible. They weren’t pan-fried either, which was interesting. I imagine they were cooked in the oven.

For dinner, Tina ordered the big-ass prime rib and I ordered a ribeye on the bone. For sides, I ordered sautéed button mushrooms in spinach and Tina was vacillating between two potato dishes, Lyonnaise or potato skins. We never heard of Lyonnais potatoes. We asked Zack.

“I’d go with Lyonnaise,” he said.

“Why’s that?” Tina asked.

“They are really good. It’s potatoes with onions cooked in bacon fat. If you don’t like them, I’ll bring you the potato skins.”

I looked up at Zack and said, “We’re having the Lyonnaise potatoes!”

Just before our dinners were brought out, I excused myself to use the restroom. While I was gone, the food runner brought out our dinners. He assumed the big-ass prime rib was going in front of me, and Tina said, “Oh no, I ordered the light meal.”

Big-ass prime rib (click to enlarge)

And he said, “Oh yes, the Fred Flintstone.” And placed the half-mooing cow in front of Tina.

I have to say, our entrées were awesome, but the potatoes Lyonaisse were absolutely incredible. Tina just looked up the nutritional value and it’s over 1,000 calories per serving by themselves.

Holy fat brains. 

Tina barely made a dent in her dinner, and I made it a little further but not far.

For dessert, Tina wanted a piece of chocolate cake filled with fudge and coupled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Two and a half hours after we arrived, we paid our bill, grabbed our large bag of Morton’s leftovers and trudged back up the mayoral staircase having gained at least five pounds a piece.

We returned home, took out Talulah, and romantically enjoyed the last two episodes of Lost, season 3.

Our Sunday morning worship service will include scrambled eggs with leftover steaks. We may be enjoying these leftovers until Friday. Good thing I’ve been running more, and my blood pressure is okay.

Am I right or am I right?

Bone-in Ribeye