Tired me with a Chuck-it versus the Birds!

This morning, I caught my tired self on camera throwing the Chuck-It at a group of birds off in the distance.

I find that it’s a lot of fun. It makes me feel 10-years old. The birds all scatter before the ball gets close to them.

I’ll probably fall to my knees in screaming anguish if I ever hit one of them directly.


If I had a nickel for every time I saw a scientist driving a Ferrari …

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing scientists showing off their money.

I mean, Rick Perry is right. He tells it like it is. The above video of Perry telling the world that scientists are using global warming as a get-rich scam is spot on. What, with all the scientists prancing around in their posh sport coats and ties.

Scientists! Those gluttonous, fat bastards!

They have the biggest houses, the best cars, and eat at all the nicest restaurants.

They are the fat-man stereotypes that you see in all the movies that expose the difference between the rich and the poor.

That’s Global Warming for you, just another way that the chichi scientists, flanked with the hottest women wearing the hottest silk suits, are taking the whole of the Earth on a ride in their gullible machine.

Wait, what?

Here’s the deal. From now on, if you believe that a there was a Moses, a Noah’s ark, a giant killed with a pebble, a woman created from a man’s rib, or a man lived two thousand years ago, was murdered and raised from the dead, you don’t get to say things like, “I don’t believe in things that are presented to the world with stone-cold facts and evidence.”

Let’s take it a step further! The words: “I don’t believe in” shouldn’t be found in your vocal repertoire.

If belief in things unseen and un-mistakeably impossible is something you subscribe to in the most general way, you don’t get “I don’t believe in” privileges.

Card revoked.

Move along.

Afternoon view: Look! A sidewards panorama of downtown chicago!

Tina and I had Groupon tickets to see “Born to be Wild” the 3D movie about baby orangutans and elephants raised by humans and set into the wild when they are ready. We saw it at IMAX Navy Pier.

I don’t recommend ever going to Navy Pier unless you’ve never been there before. It is a tourist trap littered with people who inspired the movie “Wall-E”. Today I saw a woman with one fat hand gripping an ice cream cone and the other one holding up a point-and-shoot camera awkwardly taking a picture of nothing important in no relevant direction.

I saw another woman in skin-tight workout gear, pushing a stroller, with a $1,200 camera strapped around her neck and high heals.

The journey to Navy Pier’s salvation was seeing some Air & Water rehearsals. And the movie was worth a look. If you get a chance, watch it. It’s not imperative that you watch it in 3D.

As I was picking up our tickets, the cashier asked me if I would have come to the movie at this theater if it weren’t for the GroupOn tickets.

“Certainly not,” I said.

Said and done, we paid $20 to park, $20 for the tickets and used our time and car to get there.

It was fun … but not that fun.

General Lee Maintenance

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A few of you have alerted me to authorities tracking down and finally arresting David Mabus, the anti-atheist, science-hating, death threatener. He’s never threatened us here despite that we’re the third largest atheist blog in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago.

My guess is Mabus feared this blog like nothing else, and it’s this blog that finally caused him to turn himself in … even though he didn’t turn himself in. He wants you to think he was arrested.

Read the some of the story here.


Above is my co-scorekeeper from last night’s pool match. I lost my game, in case you were wondering. I played alright, but the other guy played better. When your team doesn’t have enough players, your team can play one player twice. My opponent played again at the end of the night, and he was missing straight in shots. It made me feel better that if I would have played him later in the evening after he boozed it up, I would have probably kicked his ass since I was sober at the end of the night.

Oh well.


Many of you know that Tina and I have been running a bit more lately. We signed up for a 5K that got rained out about two months ago. Since then, we’ve been pushing ourselves to hit the trails/gym just a tad bit more.

When Aaron was up, he and I ran six miles one day. I wish I had a running buddy like that every day, but the next best thing is a smart phone application called Runkeeper.

Aaron and now regular-reader Luis V. have the app, and we can see each others activities in a social media style layout.

It’s cool, because you can see each others path using a google map. Xina, if you run with your phone, maybe you should get it too.

My goal is to run a 5K race soon. And then after that a 10K. I don’t know if I care to train for a marathon, but I would like to at least run a half marathon. Right now, having two goals is good enough for me.


A few of you have weighed in on the toilet situation, and I appreciate it. I may have slacked on off the amount of information I gave, because there have been different interpretations and responses for the information I gave.

I’m wondering if there’s not a small hole in something and it’s like breaking a straw. You know if you crack a straw. One second you can sip efficiently, and once broken, it takes more suck power …  to fill your mouth … with the cream … sweet goodness … of a milkshake!

Huh, Imagine that, a written document that can be interpreted in several different ways by several different people. Now where have I seen this before? Hell, I have mixed messages from the “professionals”.

How is it that anyone takes eyewitness accounts seriously? A video with Neil DeGrasse Tyson comes to mind. You can watch it again here.

I’m off to finish some work. You need to be productive, too.

So go!