The Ruach Yahweh will do what on me?

The above is a promo video for Master Tommy Bates, a super duper evangelical pentecostal preacher from Kentucky.

Tina wouldn’t watch the video, because it pisses her off.

If you can make it to the part where Bates is standing over a little girl who is “speaking in tongues” and he says, “You can’t get kids to fake,” you’re bold.

Apparently, he’s never spent one second with any children who are living in their imaginations 95% of the time.

The very next kid is an African American boy who he stereotypes before puppeteering his head back and forth when he says, “You ain’t never goin’ to prison-nah! You ain’t never going to be the entertainment in a club-bah!”

Even if you don’t agree with Richard Dawkins view that teaching kids about hell is child abuse, you have to agree that this qualifies. This kind of stuff is just awful.


3 thoughts on “The Ruach Yahweh will do what on me?

  1. Huh, huh huh, Master Bates! I just had to type that! I didn’t watch the video though (I’m sure I’d have the same reaction as Tina).

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