Well, garsh Jim … maybe you should have written that shit down

Check out this video of Jim Bakker and Cindy Jacobs claiming they both prophesied the 9/11 attacks.


Any fucking body can claim they had deja vu 10 years after the fact.

Hell, just this morning, I dreamed that a 5.9 earthquake would hit somewhere on the east coast … and to make me even awesomer … I saw a vision of the east coast getting hit by a level 3 hurricane in the next 24 hours.

Bow to me, minions. I am great!

The Earth Shakes

This is almost old news already, but Tina and I were sitting here editing, and I said, “Do you feel that?”

“Feel what?” She said.

I sat in my chair and I felt what could be construed as a muscle spasm or something. Tina said, “Yeah, I do. I feel it too.”

The train wasn’t going by, and it didn’t feel like the usual shakes we get from the train.

I thought I was crazy. But, yeah, we felt the earthquake that hit the east coast. How about that.

According to The Daily What (everyone’s source for geological news):

UPDATE: USGS upgrades Virginia earthquake magnitude to 5.9 — largest on East Coast since May 5, 1897. Reportedly felt in Toronto. Depth revised to 0.6 miles underground. Still no major damage reported; USGS estimates 70% probability of “less than 1″ fatality. Related: Colorado earthquake this morning was strongest in over 40 years.


Spiders, mosquitos and ticks, oh my

Image of Deer Tick Ixodes scapularis
Image via Wikipedia

Lately, we’ve been on critter overload.

While in Carbondale, a spider saw my arm, salivated and took a big ol’ juicy bite. The mark is still scratchy and hasn’t yet gone away.

Another spider recently attacked me in the car.

Lately, the mosquitos have been brutal. I have large, red mosquito marks on my arms, back and neck. They itch, too.

And yesterday, Tina was petting Talulah while we were editing some video. “Oh shit. Lou-lee’s got something in her ear. It looks like a maggot!”

Yes, one of our nicknames for Talulah is “lou-lee.”

I looked in, and a tick had embedded itself fairly recently in there. It was too far in to burn out, so I ended up saying a small (atheist) prayer and tugging it out with Tina’s tweezers. Fortunately the head came along for the ride. I looked at it under my magnifying glass that I use to clean my camera sensor.

Looking back, I should have tried a little harder to burn it out. But I was afraid of burning little Lou’s ears.

I didn’t realize we had ticks in the city. Before we had a dog, we spent very little time in the grass and tree areas that we have. I figured we were immune.

I was wrong.

You should see Tina lately. Now she’s intermittently freaking out that a tick is crawling up her back or embedding its head in her pubic hair.

Critters in the city. Pixar should do a cartoon.


Rick Perry Flip-Flops on Social Security & Medicare! – Rachel Maddow

Thank you, Rachel Maddow, for telling me what to think. If it weren’t for you, I might vote for the guy who barks/quacks/squawks just like Double Ya.

However, we haven’t talked about it here, but John Huntsman looks to me like a Republican candidate that I could pretend to like. I mean, a republican who stole my script and said some line about how not accepting science is doing a disservice to the Republican party.

I want to learn more about that guy. Anyone have cliff’s notes they could send over?

Arm wrestling the devil

A Facebook friend linked to the above photo of a bearded man arm wrestling a horny red man who looks to be on fire. She captioned it: “Sometimes we all feel like this.”

This is a woman, so I’m assuming she’s referring to the idea that she’s looking on. And sometimes she feels like she’s watching a bearded man in a dress arm wrestling a fiery, badass. Maybe that’s one big tattoo.

Wow, that guy on the left looks like he’s going to win.

“What? What’s that you say? Speak up.

“The guy on the right is Yeshua and the guy on the right is the devil?

“Wait, it’s not a photo?

“Then why does it look like the guy, I mean … Yeshua is going to lose?”

No one can claim to be god, right? So does that mean my “friend” is wrestling with her idea of Jesus?

What a wonky thing to see this morning.


We need our own P.R.

While I think the written message from this billboard now up in Orange County is a great one, the overall message is lacking.

The photo of Dr. Natalie Khazaal looks to be taken with a point and shoot. The flash marks on her lip and highlights on her lower cheek seem direct to me.

Isn’t there a decent atheist photographer out there who might be willing to help with photography for these billboards?


The billboard says, “Atheism is philanthropy without mythology, peace without superstition.”