Loyalty knows no limit

Ready your heart for this one.

The above photo is of Hawkeye lying on the floor near the casket of his deceased papa. Hawkeye’s beloved died recently in military action. From the Discovery blog:

Navy SEAL U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Jon T. Tumilson was among the 30 American troops killed August 6 when Taliban insurgents downed their Chinook helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade.

Canine love is THE most amazing love. It’s unendingly forgiving. It’s loyal. It’s protective. It makes other kinds of love pale in comparison.



Make your church-sponsored abortion video look like Bambi on Ice

Bas relief of a massage abortion. The operator...
Above: Bas Relief of Massage Abortion. Image via Wikipedia

As the wise prophet once said, “Nothing raises the spirits like a good discussion about abortion.”

Over at regular-reader and regular commenter George W’s blog, he has an on-going discussion on abortion. Read it here. The thread is long … and SUPER boring.

I mean, who cares about dying babies?

In a nutty nutshell, George says he’s got kids coming out his ears. George is what we like to call “An atheist with children.” Have you seen “Monty Python’s: The Meaning of Life”? He’s 200 years away from “Every Sperm is Sacred” getting written about him.

George wouldn’t personally promote abortion to anyone without good cause. From experience, he knows and understands the value of life, and while he’s not one to believe in miracles, he understands the miracle of life under the framework of his brood of four bouncy kids with a fifth on the way.

It is number five right, Gee Dub? Not the millionth?

If you’ve read George’s post, he makes a strong argument that atheists aren’t baby killers. The common misconception about atheism is that we’re all baby eating, psychopaths. I only know about 5 atheist, baby-eating psychopaths. But they’re all nice as can be in straight jackets.


No one … I say NO one of sound mind … wants to destroy life. An atheist would be first to say, “Make abortion your last resort. Please don’t use it as a form of birth control.”

Belief is so boring. 

Yesterday on George’s blog, there was an exchange between atheist Ntryngg (a female) and bible-banging believer John Barron (questionably a male). Both are bloggers.

Barron is as predictable as a clock, and writes the most mundane, mediocre drivel I’ve ever read. His main argument against atheism is that it’s not intelligent, which is the ignorant approach to countering non-belief.

Today he reminded me that there’s a “Christian” propaganda video about abortion that church folks show their congregations.

Do you know something?

My motherfuckingstupidass middle school youth pastor showed us that motherfuckingstupidass piece of violent murder machine when I was … what … 13 or 14 years old.

Of course he gave us the opportunity not to watch it. But curiosity killed the cat.

I walked behind a curtain and watched the anti-abortion video

Have you ever heard about this video? It shows a footage of an abortion. It’s awful how they show the doctors kill the fetus with shots of something, and then they have to vacuum out the baby bits through the vagina. Out comes little arms. Out comes a little torso. Out comes a thigh that clogs the vacuum, and the doctor yells out, “Nurse, what is the vacuum set to?”

“50% power, doctor!”

And the doctor screams, “GIVE ME 100% NURSE!!!”

Then he screams in Dr. Evil laughter and flames shoot from his eyes, ears and buttocks as the sound of a jet engine pierces your ear drums.

It’s an awful video.

Don’t watch it.


I must copy the believer’s handbook on this one when I say … just believe me.

So Ntrygg made a statement in support of George’s post. Grammar untouched, here’s what she wrote:

well, as long as there is climate change deniers, vaccine deniers, and science/medical deniers, – who vote as blocks and cause bad government policy – there will always be socially acceptable killing of children of all ages, genders, ethnicity and social-economic standing.

so why not allow people who don’t want kids to deal with that honestly and simply not bring more children into a world where children are not valuable anyway.

Barron responded:

You should watch a video of an abortion then come back and say withholding vaccines and denying climate change are the same.

At least I can say you’re consistent with your worldview. I’ll give you that.

This is where I got pissed off. I have seen that video. And I oppose abortion in most cases except that which is compassionate to the cause of the mother, the father and the baby.

What short-sighted Barron doesn’t get is that there isn’t a Christian propaganda video opposing global warming and showing its potential effects. So he doesn’t care about those issues. The guy behind the curtain pulpit never said, “Accept science” so that’s exactly what Barron doesn’t do.

Barron and his ilk have no ability to accept anything that they aren’t commanded to do from the pulpit.

Not using Barron’s brain muscle has rendered it mush.

There are no videos shown from the pulpit opposing the agony of children dying with diseases avoidable by vaccination, nor is there a video of the death and destruction that god himself commanded.

What I despise about religiosity is how short sighted it is.

Think through the information at hand before making callous remarks that don’t take the entirety of the picture into focus.

Midweek funny stuff

Oh my, is it time for another collection of fun images, graphics and illustrations?

Yes, yes it is.

Illustration of two cell phones looking at image of a phone with a cord says, “That’s right, dear, our ancestors had tails.” 




Image of lawn chair toppled over with American flag eagle in the left corner. Says: “8/23/2011: NEVER FORGET!” 


Image of super cute baby says, “I don’t always drink milk, but when I do I prefer Dos Boobies.” 


Facebook screen capture says, “On a full flight, to discourage people from taking the middle seat, I set my Bible on my lap and smile like a talker at every passerby.” 

Image of toddler holding a donut says, “It was that moment he decided to become a cop.”

Found here and here.

Vivaldi played by a 6-year-old violinist (with orchestra)

When I was growing up, this kind of talent was attributed to god.

When I’ve read the bible, I don’t remember god showing off many musical talents at all.

They say David sang the Psalms and played the harp. They say that the angels sang.

The “they” never said anything musical about ol’ Yahweh.

The only thing I’ve heard god ever played was your heart. And by heart, I mean with your mind.

About the video:

Soloist, Ursula Parker (6 years old) is playing Vivaldi’s Violin Concerto in A minor, 3rd movement.


Joy Behar – Jay Bakker On Homosexuality, Religion & Politics

Before I left the fold completely, Jay Bakker’s mindset above is about where I was. The way I was interpreting belief and Christianity was an all-inclusive, treasure trove of openness and positive thinking.

Jay Bakker is a strong candidate for a sort of Jesus following that is commendable.

Bakker promotes agreeing with science. He sees faith as too strongly influencing public lives in politics. He disagrees that homosexuality is a sin.

Everything in the bible doesn’t have to be literal for him to believe that god exists, and that Jesus loves him and everybody. Did you ever watch that reality show about Jay Bakker’s life? That was after I left belief. There was a “private” conversation he had with his dad that was painful for me to hear. Jimmy Bakker was saying that he wishes he could preach the message that Jay preached, but he couldn’t because of acceptance.

Jimmy Bakker’s audience is too old school to accept new thought. Jimmy wanted to teach acceptance, but through tears (surprise) he said, “I can’t.”

Jay Bakker’s message is acceptance. It’s what I think/thought Jesus stood for, before I threw up my hands and said, “Fuck it. No one else thinks like this.”

I was told many times, “It all has to be true or none of it is.”

Perhaps not finding a church that agreed with me caused me to push my disbelief too far out the door. I’ll never know.

It’s as if “Faith” had a chance if she acted more like Jay Bakker’s form of Faith.

All that said, I gotta give props to Jay for getting out there and spreading a positive message in the face of so many people and pastors whom I disagree with.


It’s Wednesdog!

This week is brought to you again by the doggie fundraiser photos we did. Meet Zoe. I have no information about her except that she’s really damn cute and her name means “life.”

It’s hump day, so don’t forget to hump or be humped. If nothing else, watch some good humping.



A sense of humor

I know, I know. I poke fun and even ridicule my Facebook “friends” occasionally, but I thought this one was actually funny.

My friend wrote (or cut and pasted):

“The USGS has determined that the epicenter of the Va earthquake was in a graveyard just outside of DC. The cause appears to be all of our Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves.”

See. That’s funny. I hope it’s showing a sense of humor. I’m looking at the post wondering if Misty is stewing because she thought it was serious.

Whatever the case, this is the kind of thing I’d rather see on Facebook rather than the apocalyptic messages that gay marriage is beckoning the end of the world.

Keep it up!