I see London, I see France, I see someone without underpants

Pussy willow from Turku Finland.
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Those of you who have been to my place know that my office has a 30″ monitor sitting on the desk. And as the saying goes, a man with a huge monitor is overcompensating for something.


Having a large monitor makes looking at photos and video much easier.

Now that we work together 24/7, Tina spends a lot of time sitting beside me at the computer. Yesterday, we were looking for photography that we wanted to use on the back of our business cards.

Do you know where this is going? 

We were trying to find a photo that represented “travel” photography. One of my unoriginal catchphrases is “Have camera, will travel.” I’m always looking for an excuse for someone to hire me to go anywhere, but exotic and foreign is a plus.

We had already gone through a load of Asian photos. And Tina said, “What about France?” I did a search on my computer for France photos. The brunt of the images must not be on any of the drives that I have hooked up to my computer right now. But about 10 images popped up in the general search.

On a Mac, if you select a file and press the spacebar, it opens up the file in a quick view. On my screen, it’s GIGANTIC. As you press the down arrow through a folder, it goes to the next image.

Do you still not know where I’m going with this? 

Suddenly a huge, naked blonde woman popped up in front of us. It took a second to realize what it was and that it was in front of us.

Tina and I both gasped.

A boiling bout of blood rushed to my head. I couldn’t help but be a bit embarrassed. It’s not like I show my her my secret stash every day.

Of course I hit the down arrow thinking it would get better, but it just went to another HUGE photo of a nude woman. I think she may have had two fingers sunk deep inside of her, and she had one of those “Oh” faces.

I fumbled for a second to get back to the France photos. We both laughed. I squeeked out a little, “Sorry ’bout that.”

Tina laughed and said genuinely, “It’s all right.” And laughed again.

Within our relationship, porn is not a mystery. Tina understands that I look at porn, and might even save a few select images to his computer for subsequent viewings. But looking through photos of France, and having a giant vagina pop up isn’t exactly expected.

When we travel and get a chance to watch HBO or Cinemax, we enjoy a good nudy film or two together. I like it. Tina likes it. We’re married. Gotta love it.

Otherwise, we don’t own any porn that we watch … not like some of you horn balls.

The great thing about Tina is she is realistic to my visual appreciation for the nude figure, and given the right circumstances, I would totally shoot nudes and/or boudoir photography.

Wanna sign up? 

Later on that day, Tina was going through some photos on her computer at the east wing of the house. I was standing behind her when some shots of Zoe popped up.

Tina chuckled and said, “These are the pictures of pussies I have on my computer.”

Damn, I love Tina.

Tracing a Line is just a theory

Can evolution be proven by people tracing a line? No.

But can it be used to simplify the theory to the point even non-evolution acceptor could understand?

Hell, yeah.

About the vid:

BBC2 22 August 2011
Dr Yan attempts to demonstrate evolution by drawing a couple of lines.

The new joke: How many cops does it take to arrest lemonade vendors?

Admittedly, these protestors are illegally selling lemonade (without vodka!) on the U.S. Capitol lawn.

The horror!

The protest is to show that while they knew they were wrong, the police overstepped their bounds several times. It’s now documented.

It also shows how ridiculous it is for little kids’ lemonade stands to get shut down.

But as far as the protest goes, wasn’t it cut and dry? Why didn’t the police arrest the lemonade salespeople as soon as money was transacted.

Silly, silly, silly.

And by the way, don’t touch my camera!

More about the video below the jump.

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Thundering Thursday Reading List

I haven’t done a reading list in a while. There’s a few things I have to take care of today that might distract me a little from getting blogs out. So here’s a recommendation list for you.

  • This is a must read/browse: Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta writes about the decline of Christianity (at least on the Internet). He cites a quote from Josh McDowell and from Christian periodical RELEVANT. Both bemoan the Internet as a source of too much information. RELEVANT shows that the largest religious forum is half the size of the largest atheist forum. Read it here.
  • In case you missed Richard Dawkins’ science love letter to Rick Perry, check it here. I saw the article posted at Skeptic Money blog.
  • PZ Myers linked to this one: Paula Kirby hits the right notes in an editorial about evolution saying: “So-called “reality TV” has done the world a grave disservice. I don’t just mean because the vast majority of such programs are mind-numbingly tedious, but because they have given people the idea that reality is something that can be decided by popular vote.”
  • The animals of the Smithsonian predicted the east coast earthquake? That’s what the Smithsonian said. See here.
  • Scientists publish that there are 8.7 million species living on the planet, all of which can thank Noah when the evolve a proper voice box. Read here.
  • A 22-year old woman covers Hendrix’s “Red House.” Sets the stage on fire with great homage. Here.
  • Finally, in case you missed the best church sign ever, see below. Sometimes people don’t think things through. Here’s a link to the church.