Hipstamatic Dominoes


Last weekend, Tina and I played dominoes for the first time at a BBQ we went to with new regular-reader Bill. It was a lot of fun.

In the middle of the week, we got a package in the mail from Bill’s girlfriend. It was a set of dominoes with a note inside that basically said, “Practice up for … bum bum bum … NEXT TIME, BITCHES!!!

It’s a really great game. Anybody else play/love/hate the game?

6 thoughts on “Hipstamatic Dominoes

  1. Hey Steve, my buddy Aaron loves to quote Silence as well. I need to rewatch it.

    Old fart! I lost every time too. But it was fun. Looks like we had a synchronistic weekend of games.

    1. I’ve watched Silence about 40 times. I’m currently looking to buy an old farmhouse with an abandoned well in the basement… just saying 😉

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