Promiscuous sex gave you an evolutionary edge


One more reason why evolution is better than your myth:

Title of the article: “Sleeping around gave early humans immune boost from Neanderthals, Denisovans”

The ancestry of modern humans has gotten much more interesting in recent years. Completion of the Neanderthal genome came with a bit of a surprise: they may be extinct, but many modern humans carry pieces of their genome, a sign that our ancestors had some rather significant interactions with them. About the same time, we learned that there was another group of archaic humans called the Denisovans present in Asia at the same time; nine months later, we learned that our ancestors had slept with them, too.

The evidence came in the form of DNA that was unevenly distributed within modern human populations. Modern humans had gotten their start in Africa, but Neanderthal or Denisovan DNA is rare or absent in African populations. Instead, it’s more common in Asian and European populations, which suggests that interbreeding only took place after modern humans had migrated out of Africa.

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Thanks, Paul!

8 thoughts on “Promiscuous sex gave you an evolutionary edge

  1. This is why you are so in love with evolutionary materialism . . . has nothing to do with science . . . if it did you could show me evidence of this evolution . . . . but all you have is bones that don’t prove didly squat. By the way, the fossil to the right looks FAKE.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mike.

      I wish I would have thought about including my IQ next to my name like that. It’s a really good idea.


    1. Nah! A poe at least puts some effort in making things over the top. Plus he throws in a fake skull at the end without diving into the age old internet meme, “This looks shopped, you can tell by the pixels.” A poe would’ve certainly gone there, so this guy is just an idiot! 🙂

  2. Ooooh, I like the term “evolutionary materialism”. Sounds just dangerous enough to scare the fundies.

    Unfortunately the two words have absolutely no relationship to one another. It’s like discussing evolutionary lawn care.

  3. Our ancestors obviously knew something about numbers and tattooing also .. must have been really strong ink to have been etched right on the bones of their skull. Learn something new everyday.

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