The cuteness of Tina

Yesterday, if you looked in our back window (like the stalkers you all are), you may have seen Tina and I in front of our computers surfing the net.

Tina read two New Yorker articles that were the funniest things you think she’s ever read.

One was this shout and murmur by William Sorensen called, Text Slang for Baby Boomers where you can find such gems as:

NSR = Need some roughage

TXT L8R = Can’t find reading glasses

WWIS = What was I saying?

IV-NV = My kid’s going to big-name college, neighbors jealous

X2EZ = Crossword puzzle too easy

WSWS = Wearing socks with sandals

RxV–>BW = Got Viagra prescription, just need Barry White cassettes

And then she was also giggling her cute booty off about this one from Paul Simm’s titled God’s Blog. 

There were funny lines like:

Not enough action. Needs more conflict. Maybe put in a whole bunch more people, limit the resources, and see if we can get some fights going. Give them different skin colors so they can tell each other apart.

And …

Wow. Just wow. I don’t even know where to start. So the man and his buddy the rib-thing have dominion over everything. They’re going to get pretty unbearable really fast. What You need to do is make them think that there were other, bigger, scarier creatures around a long time before them. I suggest dinosaurs. No need to actually create dinosaurs—just create some weird-ass dinosaur bones and skeletons and bury them in random locations. Man will dig them up eventually and think, What the f?

Now you, too, can share in the cuteness that is Tina.

6 thoughts on “The cuteness of Tina


    The blog is down. I am unable to post anything new today.

    The gods of technology are angry at me.

    If you see this, assume I would have posted the best posts today, and you would have been wowed like no other day ever!

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