SaveMe! Religious Reality TV

This just looks like a cataclysmically bad idea that will spell doom for religiosity as we all know it. It’s a casting call for a reality show about throwing a bunch of evangelically religious fanatics into one home and letting the powder keg explode all over the place.


Thoughts on LOST, Quality Media, Church and JumboTrons

Tina and I are about to end season 5 of LOST. We started watching the series just after deciding to go to Hawaii.

One more season to go, and it hurts to think it will end.

We started watching LOST as a sort of travel guide to all things Hawaii …

It’s crazy how accurate the show is to real life. They could have called it a documentary. The islands are alive. It’s very violent. And the people there were often attractive.

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“I know my time is comin’.”

If you’re looking for a taste of the amazing forthcoming album that regular reader Taylor Muse sent me, above is a great track from the album and a stellar music video for the song, “Fear and Fallacy, Sitting in a Tree.”

Muse is the front man for the band Quiet Company.

When Muse sent me an advanced copy of the album, he told me that the music is “a concept record about the journey from belief to disbelief, or a break up record, if you will.”

After listening to the album a few times, I don’t think it’s a breakup record. I think it’s a set of love songs to his life, his wife and especially to his daughter.

If I was a musician, & I had a kid, and I went through the process of finding non-belief from belief, all I would do would be writing songs to my kids about life.

That’s what Taylor did … and I wish him the best at how this all unfolds.

I can’t wait to complete a full review of the music. In the meantime, check out PZ Myers’ response to the video here. Sadly enough, it looks like PZ folded the video’s post into what looks like a continuation of the longest post ever … so it doesn’t look like many people are taking it seriously. That’s sad.

For what it’s worth, You will be able to preorder the record at The G-shark will give you three full months of free Grooveshark service when you sign up. The official release of the album is Oct. 4th.

Check it out.