CBN slams Dancing with the Stars

Maybe it’s a slow news day over at CBN.

This is great. Christian news is telling Christians not to watch Dancing with the Stars because they have transgendered Chaz Bono on the show. Adding insult to injury, Queer Eye Carson Kressley is on the show, too.

They cite that it’s inappropriate to have gay and transgendered people on a “family” show.

This is a group of people who honor a book littered with violence, incest, and rape. How is that family friendly?

I have never watched DWTS. But good for them. And it’s on ABC, the most family-centric of all the networks.

Maybe believers can use the experience as if they are being like Jesus, going to places they wouldn’t go otherwise … and they can remember to pray for their sinful neighbors.

In the meantime, leave the gay kids alone.