Nothing to see here, except for me, in my birthday suit … celebrating my parents’ half-anniversary

Tomorrow, Tina and I are headed up to Wisconsin for a video shoot. We’ve been rushing around getting everything ready. Most of my posts today were prescheduled, and most of my posts tomorrow will be as well.

Wednesdog is not only hump day this week, it’s yours truly’s birthday suit day.

We’ll leave tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. (yuck) and won’t be back until about 7. Hopefully we’ll be able to pick Talulah up from boarding before they close at 7.

So don’t forget to send me a large present. Money is nice. Big bills are pretty sweet. I have that written all over my wish list.

Hopefully I’ll get a dog or two in the mix. And you’ll be thrilled, and scream, “OMG! So majorly cute that I am going to burst!”

Lately I’ve been inspired by this photography blog. You should check it out. Oooo with wonder and amazement.

Above is a random shot that regular-reader and photographic talent Bill took of me at a shoot earlier this year. I like the way my wallet makes it look like I am wearing a diaper full of shit. Seemed apropos on many levels.

What is inspiring you today?

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