I found an old picture of you, I mean, me.

Image of a single sperm says, “Here’s an old pic of me.” 

And a couple more jokes for you:

Your ecard of a woman at a typewriter says, “Thanks for calling to tell me that you just sent me an e-mail.”

Two panel comic of teacher and her class. Teacher says, “Ok children what sounds did we hear on our trip to the farm yesterday.” Different kids say, “Mooo.” “Baaa” “Quack Quack.” Last kid says, “Get off that fuckin’ tractor!”




2 thoughts on “I found an old picture of you, I mean, me.

  1. That is some funny shit!
    My son (now 7) used to think my dad’s tractor was actually called the “fucking tractor” because my dad, who has a potty mouth, used to say every time it snowed “I guess I’ve got to get on that fucking tractor and plow the driveway”.
    One time, when he was about 3, my friends came from NY to visit me, and when we were at my parents house, Julie asked my son to name a bunch of things around the yard- when she got to the tractor- she laughed hysterically and made each of her sisters come out to hear Holden say it.
    Good times.

    1. That’s awesome.

      When I was 4 or 5, my mom had to clobber me because we were standing at the cash register at a grocery store when I looked up at the cashier and said, “Shit” or “Fuck.”

      I can’t remember what.

      Profanity is a ruse. It always has been. Hearing from the mouths of babes is a good laugh.

      I wish I had a profane child. 🙂

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