9/11 Memorial Curators Decide Not To Display Swastika Formed By Twisted Girders Found At Ground Zero

From a very reliable source:

NEW YORK—Despite the surprising coincidence of finding a perfectly formed swastika amidst the broken girders of the Twin Towers, 9/11 memorial curators have opted not to display the symbol, choosing instead to leave it in the storage facility where it has been located for the past 10 years. “On the one hand, it’s pretty miraculous that there was a precisely shaped 80-by-80-foot swastika found in the rubble of the fallen World Trade Center, but in the end, we decided not to include it in our plans for the museum,” said memorial spokesman Stanley Morgenstern, adding that it would probably be seen as inappropriate. “Although you’ve got to admit that it is pretty incredible. Mathematically, what are the odds? It’s amazing but, perhaps, not right for what we are trying to achieve with the museum.” Upon hearing the news, neo-Nazi groups have complained about the exclusion, arguing that the giant swastika is “a sign from heaven” and that “9/11 affectedall Americans, including those who believe in the inherent genetic superiority of the Aryan race.”

Nigerian scam artists

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Yesterday I wrote about loving the movie The Sting.

Today, I almost got stung.

I listed a video camera on Craigslist (CL) recently. I bought it less than a year ago, but decided that it wasn’t the right fit for my needs.

I finally put it up for sale, and I received an email saying there was interest and where I was located. Typical CL fare.

The email was from a man named James Barrow.

I told the guy I was in Uptown (assuming he was local), and asked if he had questions. He wrote back that he would like to buy the camera for his son who’s studying abroad.

Interested without coming to see the camera? I knew something was up.

The guy said, “Send me a PayPal invoice plus $150 for shipping. I’ll pay the invoice first thing in the morning.”

This was too good to be true. Not only was I going to get full price for my goods, I was going to get a little extra for shipping.

So I checked the IP address from the guy’s email. He was using a proxy. But if someone pays PayPal, there’s no turning back, and there’s very little chance he could hack my account. Besides, there’s nothing in it.

This morning, I got two emails from “PayPal” saying that payment was being held until I sent a confirmation number on the delivery. But they weren’t from PayPal.

It said to send the camera to Tade Johnson. Another indication that it was bullshit.

Now I knew it was a scam. I copied and pasted the email address into google, and links for scams came up right away. The email address was

service@paypal.com®” <accountreview@officeemail.net>

I saw the email on my phone, but it was obvious. I sat up in bed, and told Tina I almost got scammed. The address to send the camera was in Nigeria.

There’s not many wealthy American young men doing their study abroad in Nigeria.

Good news is: I caught it before I sent the camera off to Nigeria.

So let this be a lesson to you. Don’t send off a few thousand dollars of goods without getting money in your pocket first.

It’s Caturday!

Surprise, surprise! This Caturday is brought to you by Zoe. She’s lying on my camera bag where I keep a pack of bandaids. I often get cut and need to stitch myself up and be on my way.

Noticed the sweet box fan in the window behind her.

We keep it classy at our place.