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From an article called: Republicanism As Religion

If your view of conservatism is one rooted in an instinctual, but agile, defense of tradition, in a belief in practical wisdom that alters constantly with circumstance, in moderation and the defense of the middle class as the stabilizing ballast of democracy, in limited but strong government … then the GOP is no longer your party (or mine).

Religion has replaced all of this, reordered it, and imbued the entire political-economic-religious package with zeal. And the zealous never compromise. They don’t even listen.

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What the kids are posting

What do we have here? A Tuesday installment of what the kids are posting?

How about that!



Ben Franklin says, “The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.” 

Graphic from Southpark says, “Have you talked to your imaginary friend today?”

From the guy who is always -- always! -- lost.

Taiwan takes teabaggin’ tea party-in’ Michele Obama Bachmann, I mean Michele O’Bachmann. What’s her name?


Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann is a favorite of the GOP’s Tea Party wing.

She is popular for her tax platform. Bachmann often invokes nostalgia for the GOP’s better times. And that makes her popular with some in the Republican establishment.

But it hasn’t been easy going for Bachmann. She placed fifth in a New Hampshire straw poll.

And she flubbed her response to the State of the Union.

Bachmann has signed an anti-gay marriage pledge. And she has refused to answer questions about her effeminate husband and the ‘ex-gay’ therapy he offers to homosexuals.

The media haven’t treated Bachmann kindly. Chris Wallace asked if she was a flake.

Others have tried to make her look crazy. But will this Tea Party firebrand have the last laugh?

Bachmann is looking increasingly desperate, making promises she can’t keep such as $2 per gallon gas.

The spotlight is now on Rick Perry and Bachmann is struggling to get noticed.

The most Bachmann can hope for now is a No 2 spot on the GOP ticket.

This is the train wreck you’ve been looking for

In case you were wondering, yes, there is a site for photography collected from people who bought a DSLR and decided that suddenly they were “pro” photographers.

It’s called, “You Are Not a Photographer” and you should check it out.

There are photos that may shock you.

Some may wow you. Some may make an impression on you … but for all the wrong reasons.

Thanks Luis V. for the link! 

Below is another shot that may whet your appetite:


Another day downtown

Tina and I spent all day shooting downtown yesterday (Monday). We were working an event opening.

The above shot was from the day. This energized young lady posed like this before doing the peace sign in front of her mouth.

What girl does the peace sign in front of her mouth?

Oh yeah, that kind of girl.

As I was walking away laughing, I heard her say, “I didn’t think he would know what that meant.”

I crumpled to the ground in a heap of deflated agony.

I felt old as I drove away on my jazzy.


We’re shooting most of the day on Tuesday as well. I hope to be home by 3-ish.

I have another shoot on Wednesday, and we have another shoot on Friday. Between editing photos, video and on-site jobs, I have had little time for anything else. But I haven’t forgotten about all of you. Believe me.

Sure, I schedule posts for your viewing pleasure on the days I’m busy. And I appreciate you stopping by, even when I’m not around.

Yesterday, this post got major hits for some reason. It had 208 hits by noon, and I thought, how cares? It’s from 2010.

Anyway, I hope your post decade-later 9/11 celebrations are coming to a close. You must be worn out from all the partying.

This is where you figure out how to respond to this ridiculous post. Don’t think. Drop me a line in the comments and tell me something good.

GOOD I tell ya!

Here’s another shot I got yesterday that made me laugh … after the break so I know how many of you read this update.

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