In sickness and in health … except in the case of Alzheimers

Pat Robertson is a man of wisdom and great knowledge. He is a leader in the evangelical movement.

He blames the nation’s sexuality for weather catastrophes, which is obvious, isn’t it. Deities should use regular events to show humans how to behave. That makes sense.

And now that bastion of knowledge says, “If your spouse has Alzheimer’s, divorce him or her so you can have a sex life again.”

Robertson is clearly a living monument to all things great.

It’s Wednesdog!


Meet Talulah’s boyfriend Brady. Brady is about Talulah’s age (almost 2). He’s a husky rescue, who — when I first met him — was very skittish around most men.

Now he runs right up to me and lets me get some good pets through his thick fur.

Brady’s a great guy. I wish you knew him, but a picture on Wednesdog is the next best thing!

Happy Hump Day!


Hump you, Hump Day! This is what the kids are posting

effective response to public prayer
Nothing says I love Yeshua like driving a Lexus.

What would happen if Disney addressed islamic countries accurately: “Why aren’t you wearing your burka, you whore?”

Illustrated bible stories from the bible that they won’t tell you in sunday school. Paul Farrell, illustrated by kathy demchuck. Bears devouring insolent children. Elisha  2 Kings 2:23-24






Did someone say, “Exhausted?”

Holy shit.

I’m exhausted.

Tina and I shot two full days on Monday and Tuesday. And by full days, I mean, I was carrying around 45 lbs of equipment (probably more) for one 12-hour day and then a video shoot for seven hours on Tuesday.

It’s not like one of those shoots where you go to one place and let the action happen in front of you.

It’s one of those things where you go to the action. And you might walk a half a mile before you get there.

And by “you” I mean “me”.

I keep asking Tina, “Why am I so sore?”

And she keeps saying, “Because you’ve been carrying a thousand pounds for the last couple days.”

One thousand.


Weep for me the next time you get a chance.

Friday I have another full day shooting photography. Thankfully, it’s in one place, and I only have to lug equipment to the shoot. While there, I don’t have to walk miles at a time.

Be ready for some sweet and sexy furniture shots posted over the weekend.