It’s Wednesdog!


This week’s Wednesdog is brought to you by regular-reader and part-time model Xina and her two pups, Sam (L) and Ruby (R). Xina says she loves that Ruby looks like she’s smiling.

Sam is thinking, “Ahhhh mooooooooooooooom … another photo? I can’t sit still this long… I wanna play!”

Xina also sent a bonus Hipstamatic shot of Sam.

Happy Wednesdog!



What are continents and how many are there?

And you thought there were seven continents.

That reminds me of incontinence jokes.

Did you hear about the constipated accountant? He couldn’t budget.

Or how about this one:

A teenager is giving an old man a lift. He pulls out into the heavy traffic so fast the tires start smoking. ‘Phew,’ says the young driver. ‘Can you smell that shit?!’ The terrified old man replies, ‘I should think I can. I’m sitting in it!’

Today in Wednesgod








I hope you love this picture I’m posting of Wednesgod (above). Pretty kickass right?

I’ve been getting lots of submissions, but they’re a little hard to find.

I lose track of them.

I’m only human, you know.

Flesh and blood, I’m made.

Actually, Wednesday is going to be a tough one for Tina and I. Our day starts early (on site at 8 a.m.) and we’re pulling a 12-hour plus. We have to drop our dogger at daycare on the way, and one of us must leave early to pick her up so we don’t board her overnight.

Sure, sure. You do this all the time. You pull 12- to 14-hour shifts three times a week.

Big fucking whoop.

You and your 1-ounce pencil.

Cry me a river with your measly fucking pencil.

I schlepp more pounds than you pickup in three weeks.

I’ve only scheduled a couple posts today. Don’t get pissed. There’s a Wednesdog scheduled at some point. I forget when.