Rick Perry Facts

Please be cognizant of the exact second when your mind explodes all over your computer monitor.

If you make it to, “Rick Perry can slam a revolving door,” you may be immortal and didn’t know it yet.

If Jesus exists and he’s waiting to come back for assholes like Perry, I would question my belief system.

And you thought we had to wait for a Republican in office

Shit, I forgot to include something in the last post.

All the rage lately has been to point out how the Republican support — the audiences at debates clapping for death — has made scary collective gaffes.

It’s like Christmas early.

When the Republicans are the majority in office, comedy writing is at its best.

But the exception to the rule is amazing.

Comedy is going to be through the roof.

Thank you, Republicans, for never failing to disappoint the country and make us look like a load of fools, all whilst raising the level of comedy to its best places.

This season of SNL is going to rock.

The economy, politics and you

The Republican Party encourages every form of ...
Image by Cornell University Library via Flickr

This week, one of our jobs was to cover an event attended by leaders in midwest business. It was primarily targeted to kitchens, interior design and all that pertains to that (e.g. construction, contractors, etc.)

I feel uncomfortable mixing my personal blog with my professional life, which is why I tend to leave off concrete names when I talk about our work. Some of the work we do is with people and places we’d never rub elbows with otherwise.

Tina and I were exposed to insider, privileged information that people paid good money to attend. And my client paid me to be there.

Wednesday was a day-long event for top leaders with wealthy fingers on the pulse on the economy. These were men and women who were telling men and women with the big bucks where to steer their businesses in terms of marketing, investment, and employment.

One presentation was from two top-tier investment brokers who deal in commercial investment. Two of the presentations were from the owners of companies that provide research and development for giants in the industry.

The “headline” speaker owns one of the largest companies in America with a name so recognizable, you probably think about them every other time you wash your hands or use a bathroom. That same company owns many esoteric companies that appeal to the richest of the rich.

My background vs reality … reality keeps winning

I come from a “conservative” background. From that perspective, the rich lean toward Republican politics. From that background, people told me that the wealthier and older you get, the more you start voting Republican.

But the more I learn about the “real” world, the more I understand that that isn’t true.

There wasn’t one industry leader on Wednesday who didn’t support Obama. In fact, there were a few snarky remarks made toward Republicans regarding jobs and how they are making this economy worse by pandering to partisan politics. There were snarky comments made about taxing the rich from the perspective that it was a large answer to the economic issue.

The overwhelming idea that many spoke about was that — within the circle of wealth — the economy is getting stronger, but politics are slowing the process.

If you’re a business that can invest in marketing and products that address a sophisticated, upper echelon of client, then you are probably going to experience growth faster than targeting average buyers.

My point is that successful people vote for what is best for them, and it appeared to me that these people want the best for themselves and for the economy, which means a realistic approach to politics … not the bullshit we hear on TV.

Ahh, betrayal

I’m struggling with the information I learned on Wednesday, because I continue to feel betrayed. What I find is the common theme is that my past is littered with lots of information that was somewhat imposed on me. But real-world business, real-world politics, real-world science, they all stand oppositional to my childhood and early adult education.

If you want to feel success in a “spiritual” sense, there is a culture within the believing community that success is somewhat closer to failure. Time and again, I look at the failures that were inspired by belief, but I was taught that it was “success”. Failing for god equals a positive thing.

But if you want to be successful in a secular sense, there’s a definitive need to use secular advancements, and that’s leaving conservative, traditional values and assimilating more realistic views on the world, on business, and on people.

Belief and religious ideologies have no place in the public forum on any other account. I’m becoming more grateful to have exposure to these ideas, and wish that I could find a way to shine a hot sun over the Yeshua Fog, and burn that haze right off the lot of them.

For a group deadset on thinking they bask in the “son”, it’s time to focus on the sun, that tangible bastion of life and what really makes this world go ’round.