Church = punishment

It’s official. Even police know what people like me have been saying for years … church is equal to punishment.

If you break the law in Bay Minette, Alabama, you can either serve time in prison or in church … your choice.

I never expected anyone to validate that church is punishment. I hope they seat these prisoners away from any bibles. I wouldn’t want them getting any ideas about God-approved baby killing or raping the women in the pews around them if they read it.

Just sayin’.

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5 thoughts on “Church = punishment

  1. This is absolutely infuriating. Yay for separation of church and state!!! (oops – just made my “!” key stick from pounding on it) Well thank god they’re sending those criminals to church. I’m sure they were all atheists and heathens anyway. I mean, surely none of these criminals were going to church in the first place, otherwise they wouldn’t have committed crimes, right?

    1. Infuriating it is!

      Thanks for the repost. I hope you get mad hits and become the biggest blog in the universe … bigger than Pharyngula!

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