Monday Nooner.

Over the weekend, Tina and I shot three different runway shows.

The above photo is from a show last night. Every year I shoot, I look back and see personal growth. I have failures that I turn into great learning experiences.

Technically, I’m not sure I would have known how to grab the shot above a year ago. I would have depended on an on-camera flash for one instead of a portable strobe and a battery pack. I would have used a slower shutter, and there would have been motion blur.

But the fact that you can see every single bit of that fabric, sharp and in focus, makes me feel a bit … erhm … orgasmic.

If you click on the image to enlarge, you can even see a stray thread out toward the edge (close to the crowd). I didn’t alter the image except for the crop. I cropped it to make it less obvious about where and who it is.

I still have so much to learn. But this is a milestone for me … and I wanted to stop and showoff for a second.

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