What the kids are posting

Were you crying because you needed a dose of “What the kids are posting”? Did you forget that those meanie-bom-beaties over at reddit.com/r/atheism are still hard at work posting silly images on non-belief?

Well, you’re in luck. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.



Image of Neil deGrasse Tyson says, “Is that how you want to play this game? … If that’s how you want to invoke your evidence for god, then god is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance.”


Old man wearing a t-shirt that says, “Too stupid to understand science? Try religion.” 

Comic about being left-handed in the middle ages. “It’s evil. You must renounce this behavior. What if it’s natural? There’s no proof.” 





Little boy throwing the peace sign wearing a t-shirt that reads, “Who the fuck is Jesus?” 

A photo of an SBU Freethinkers flyer says, “Fact of the week: A thorough reading of the bible yields two characters with significantly different kill counts; one of whom has two-hundred thousand times more kills than the other. That character would be god, with 2,038,344 kills compared to the lord of evil, Satan, with 10 kills.” 


Gullibility runs in your genes … and so does your diarrhea mouth

This morning on Facebook, a girl posted the above picture and said, “Very cool.”

The caption under the photo said, “Still think he doesn’t exist?”

Her friends responded and said,


“Did you take this or get it from somewhere?” and

“I’m stealing this for my wall!” 

Perhaps this is a more recent version of Diabolical Mimicry. The real photo is the one below. Maybe someone photoshopped hands out of the image.

That seems likely right?

The common phrase around these parts is: “When you believe in the invisible, you’ll believe almost anything.”

What harm would it be to look into this further into the above image than reposting it haphazardly?

The way I see the image is … it’s OBVIOUSLY doctored. How the hell could you think it was real?

The way I see the bible, its message, Yeshua, God, the whole thing … is … it’s so painfully obvious it’s not true.

Can’t you see it’s a con job?

I’m not saying I’m impervious to gullibility. I’m not saying I’m right about evolution. About politics. About anything really. But if you’re so sure you’re right about god, than how come you have absolutely no doubts whatsoever? How come you have no expression of a critical mind within your “beliefs.” How are you so sure about something unseen?

I was recently told to “Keep an open mind” about godly matters and the ways of a deity-guided universe. I am offended by that request. For a solid 2o to 25 years I was wide open to god.

But when the best you’ve got is a photoshopped image of hands in clouds, or he found your car keys, he cured your cancer (through modern medicine) or you had a baby … them there examples ain’t impressive. 

I am a record. I am broken. Hear me roar.

Jane’s Journey, awe-inspiring! … Jane Goodall Live, a dismal failure

Last night, Tina and I attended an event at Regal Webster 11 Theater in Chicago called, Jane Goodall Live.

Tina’s a huge fan of Jane Goodall. She’s read her books and follows her stories when they appear on TV. When tickets were offered for this event, she called to me from her office and said, “Can we go?”

We bought tickets. We thought the event was going to be a live, interactive broadcast with Jane Goodall in one location in which we could ask her questions (possibly). As well as a showing of a new documentary about Jane called, “Jane’s Journey.”

Tina was a child at Christmas in anticipation.

First let me say, the documentary was awe-inspiring. I teared up several times at Jane’s amazing ability to inspire, to move a crowd to their feet in applause. She is a woman who deserves accolade, and we would do well to give it to her.

At age 77, Jane travels 300 days a year. She’s a self described activist, and she tirelessly is moving to change the world for the better. She works to tell the world about global warming. She shows us glaciers in Greenland that are disappearing. She shows us a sacred place in Tanzania where the hippos and humans live in beautiful harmony. She shows why we need to take care of this beautiful planet … so when all the believers are raptured, the rest of us have a place to stay.


Let’s review the documentary itself

The production of the documentary was great at times and poorly done as well. A lot of the visuals were amazing. The photography was top notch, and if it were in HD, it would have been beyond great.

The director/writer Lorenz Knauer should be proud of much of it, but he needs to throw it back in the editing suite for some touch ups.

There were beautiful voyeuristic moments mixed with great interviews. There were times when you thought you were a fly on the wall watching Jane interact with her son and grandchildren.

It angered me that there weren’t title cards (chyrons) for different interviews or people on screen. For example, there was a scene with Angelina Jolie. We “know” Jolie, so there was no title card. But there was a third person at the table who the producers cut to several times, but there was never an indication of who the hell it was.

Throughout the movie, there were interviews with individuals whom we will never know their name.

Also, if events like that are ever going to compete with TV, they MUST be broadcast in HD. “Jane’s Journey” appeared in standard definition. The fonts that showed up on screen were jagged, blurry, hard to read.

I can’t be more specific that if the movie industry wants to survive, it must wow us greater than the TVs that most people have in their homes.

Let me tell you about Jane Goodall Live, the broadcast that bookended the documentary. 

When the theater darkened, there was a three minute slideshow of animals from around the world with a ticker at the bottom that said, “Show starts in …”

When the show started, no one told the two men sitting on a set somewhere in Hollywood that the cameras were on. For a few (LONG) moments, they sat there at a table with a bowl of popcorn in front of them. Finally, one of the guys with the voice box of a thirty-year veteran smoker started his script … only he was looking into the wrong camera. We never cut to his camera until about 3 minutes into the broadcast.

I don’t remember the host’s name, but he may as well been one of the two guys who have a wild morning radio show on a station in Branson Missouri that features prank calls and fart jokes. You could imagine it now. “I’m Bill Johnson,” says the first guy. And the second guy says in a smoker’s voice: “And I’m the Weasel … and you’re listening to 101.1, the ROCK!!! Are you ready for the MONDAY MORNING FART SONG!!!”

The other host was a guy from Animal Planet who apparently can capture snakes and remove their venom into a beaker.

They were awful hosts.

They showed clips from Jane Goodall’s visit to Courtney Cox lush home in Los Angeles where a bunch of primates were sipping fine wine listening to Jane speak. And then we cut back to the two douchebags in Hollywood before they introduced the movie.

We watched the documentary, and then the Live broadcast went to hell. Jane Goodall was on the set finally. And Tina and I were excited to see her and hear what she had to say. But we became deflated.

The broadcast made Access TV look like the Daily Show’s production values. There was a visit from the woman who plays Bart Simpson’s voice. She was awful. There was a moment between Jane Goodall and Charlize Theron. I started checking my watch.

The LIVE portion of the event ruined the documentary.

Someone obviously had not thought the LIVE event through

People were leaving the theater in droves as more of the LIVE event continued. The tickets were about $15, so I assume about $5 went to that.

I am disappointed, and won’t fall for that con artistry again. The production company for the LIVE event was from Fathom Entertainment. I hope they improve their game, because they will be out of business in two shakes of a lamb’s tail if they don’t shape the hell up.

But if you get a chance to see Jane’s Journey … go. Or rent it. It’s worth it.

You will finish it wondering what you can do to make a difference in the world.

It’s Wednesdog!

In an attempt to mix it up a little, I’m offering the above shot for this week’s Wednesdog. It’s a puppy in a panda costume … who’s gearing up for Halloween!

I found the shot atI have seen the whole of the Internet, Joanne Casey’s blog sensation. She’s got a great eye for posting quick, single-serving things you should make sure to see on the Internet.

Her masthead says that she’s an Internet Caretaker and it shows.

Just this past week, I sent her my image of Marisa Tomei that I tried to get meme-a-fied. She posted it and sent the the sweetest note back that she likes this blog, too. Check below the fold for a screen cap of the placement I got. It makes me laugh very big glorious laughter.

My heart melted into  a gooey mess.

Here’s the link for the above shot.

And be sure to add IHSTWOTI to your favorites list. It’s a great way to spend a few minutes a day.

She had two other shots that I wanted to post. Check here and here. But I went with cute, because you know I get to hatin’ around here, so I got to mix up the business. 🙂

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