And now for my 4,000th post




This is the 4,000th post from Le Café Witteveen.

Can you believe it?

Bear witness. Bow. Clap. Boo. Hiss.

I don’t care.

At the time of composition, this blog has been hit 219,182 times.

Most of the hits came from John A. Davison, but who’s counting?

I realize what a milestone this is, and I don’t want to piddle it away on some fruitless nonsense.

So for this post, I’m going to pose a question, which I think you should take very seriously when you deliberate over the matters of belief and non.

Here’s my question.

Are you ready?

Are you?

How ’bout now?

If god is all-knowing and just, how come he didn’t list pooping, flatulence, vaginal and penile odors among the list of “curses.”

Did he think these were “good” things?

Pain during childbirth, he didn’t foresee modern-medical loopholes, now did he?

Toiling the ground? I found a loophole as did a zillion corporate workers.

Ha, I’m not cursed! Tina’s not cursed!

We got out scott free, bitches!

But shitting, farting, and crotch odors are a curse that continue to this day.

And I find it dismally obvious that no one has addressed this yet.

Please advise.

Excuse me while I go celebrate 4,000 posts … 

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