Joel Osteen, I’m still for slavery, keeping my wife’s mouth shut in public, and murdering enemies

On a recent Piers Morgan, Joel “Book-selling Behemoth” Osteen says that he hasn’t changed his mind on homosexuality despite the zeitgeist away from such dismally silly thought.

There he is above, with his wife sitting next to him, in his chic suit, non-slave owning, wealthy-ass lifestyle element, telling another man he believes what the bible says on this one particular subject.

A man with not an ounce of Yeshua’s message in his visible character is on TV telling Piers Morgan he believes and promotes what the bible says.

The most accommodating and ridiculous of all sports arena pastors can’t welcome homosexuals into his fold, despite “loving” them, because of what the bible says on the subject.

Pick and choose, Joel Osteen. We expect nothing less from any of you.

Maybe he’s right, in 200 years, the scriptures are still going to say that. And in 200 years, the bible is still going to advocate slavery, baby killing, stoning sassy kids, and non-virginal wives. More importantly, in 200 years, the decline of religion is going to be leaps and bounds further along, and more people will see through such pathetic ways of thought.


Tuesdays with family … drinking NASCAR driver wine

On Tuesday morning, Tina and I took care of some work.

In the afternoon, we drove out to a winery for a tour, called Childress Vineyards. It’s a relatively new winery built by a race car driver named, Richard Childress.

After the tour, wine tastings were a little pricey, so we bought a few bottles of wine and headed home. We cracked open a bottle and sat around drinking and talking.

Tuesday night, Tina and I drove out to pick up my sister-in-law to meet my brother for dinner. We ate at a steakhouse, and had a great ol’ time.

At dinner, we talked about how Jon and I were in a band together in high school. Jon had a copy of the tape we recorded back in around 1992. After dinner, we headed back to their house to listen to the tape.

The tape. Wow.

Gosh, it was horrible.

I mean, it was good. But for real, how good can a tape recorded on a four track really be?

The fidelity was just bad.

But it was a lot of fun listening and reminiscing. There were a few bass lines that I was proud of myself for being able to play. I can remember having a really hard time back then keeping up. It was in the early days of my bass playing career.

Oh how I miss them there glory days.

Wednesday morning, we shoot a family who wanted to hire us back at Christmas time.

I’m making pizzas on Wednesday night.

It’s going to be a busy day, but I’ll hope to get over here a little to update …



I noticed that I absentmindedly scheduled my Wednesdog to post last night not today.

So I’m posting this to alert my subscribers to its posting in the new and improved more recent spot.


It’s Wednesdog!

It’s a very special North Carolina Wednesdog!

These two lovely pups are my parents’ and sister’s k9 love bugs. On the right is Jake and on the left, Lily. Jake is a long-haired Chihuahua and Lily is a Bichon Frise with a penchant for buggery.

Just kidding, Jake is the naughty one. For five straight hours yesterday, I saw Jake mounting Lily in an effort to produce sperm from his scrotumless body into Lily’s fully-functioning sex cavity.

It was somewhat funny.

Today, I did a couple quick portraits of my dad, and then my sister asked if I would do a few of the dogs. This was one of my favorites. I’ll throw a couple more outtakes below the fold for the heck of it.

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